Will Gears 5 be at the game awards tomorrow?

Question in thread title

I don’t think so.

I dont think so aswell.

What exactly would it be eligible for?

Perhaps he is just saying it’ll make a cameo on the big screen? I think Far Cry is going to air something there for their next game/spin-off.

Nope. Only announcement from Microsoft will be the Winter or Arcade line-up.

Only thing I had to look forward to was Below, but Capybara decided to make their own announcement last night.

And it was Majestic.


Are you dumb? Lol… the game awards show new game footage all the time… I’m obviously not talking about it getting an award

Lol, settle down there though guy. Yea, I’m dumb because I’m not nerdy enough to be familiar with the game awards schedule, hence why I asked the question.

People are more inclined to watch an Awards Show if there are new announcements and new trailers. I’m part of them.

I like the orchestras and live performances though (except Devil Trigger, it was unbearable).

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