Will G5 end GOW4 for you?

(xFribbo) #21

Funny enough that happened to me yesterday too, I was his first kill, I killed a bunch of times after then our team wiped them and won the round without letting them even get a point(KOTH) straight after that round he left with only one kill. :rofl:


Oh dude! I had this guy “no no” me for no reason. So I killed him multiple times and did the same thing. He got so ticked. It was hilarious

(xFribbo) #23

I honestly have no idea why people do it randomly, the only time I ever tbag or no-no them is when they start it. It encourages me to try 10x harder in a 1v1 with them.


Yes. I honestly never start it. But it’s game on once they do. And he wasn’t even that good. He was the lowest player on the their team.

(ll R E D l) #25

I feel like 90% of the time its the person with the LOWEST score. I hate it but if you start I will definitely finish it lol

(sancris777) #26

Honestly with all the issues i’ve had especially with the freezing on PC i am just itching to bury Gears 4 and never dig it up and pretend it didn’t exist. I can only hope 5 doesn’t have the same issues

(mizzelphug) #27

I don’t see any reason to keep playing now. I already have all the achievements, and the challenges they keep adding just give players skins for those who are collecting that sort of thing. If the skin is the only incentive left to play it will be a short lived one so the skin might as well carry over as a reward for the next game.

The game stopped being fun for me once TC started patching and nerfing the fun things while leaving actually broken things in place. (i.e. private speedruns bad; broken matchmaking and erratic gameplay good!) I only play now to help out friends and other people to get their achievements.

(ll R E D l) #28

Once 5 comes out the only time Ill let 4 ride is when Im playing through the campaigns to get a refresher

(Slipping Flames) #29

May do that prior myself. Planning on playing through Gears 2 already as I feel it will be more helpful. Lots of things I’ve forgotten in that campaign that might be relevant.

(PM Crazy Cibo) #30

On my own if I will continue playing, but I feel that from this date there are many players who are giving it up for dead, as there are modalities that are slow to find players, but I feel that if TC continues to maintain the game may continue to be active

(telekinetix) #31

I wont quit but if there are players run around at over 100 ping i will not do anything but ho for kills,

(Milan89SD) #32

Gears 4 are not working from day one, and TC don’t give ■■■■… Why you think that Gears 5 will be any different?

(Pressure) #33

I play gears daily, but I already ended 4 to go back to UE forever ago. I will be playing 5 for sure, hopefully for years if TC nails it.

(ll R E D l) #34

the only thing I can think of is the TC was making this game for xbox and then microsoft told them they want the game to be part of the “play anywhere” and it just didnt work

(Milan89SD) #35

Why should I give a ■■■■ about that? I give 60$, I don’t give a ■■■■ about them being stupid and uslles…

(ll R E D l) #36

are you playing on pc???

(Milan89SD) #37

Xbox one X

(ll R E D l) #38

What problems are you having? Theres a lot of stupid things but the game runs fine on xbox, I thought you were on PC

(Milan89SD) #39

I will post some videos in day-two…

(Mosher666) #40

I would probably come back to gears 4, if there was reason to like challenges to unlock