Will Beast Mode Return?

Beast mode was a fan favorite in gears 3 and it could also return in gears 5

If you play as Jack you will know that most of the mechanics to play as a swarm creature are already there. There’s very little things stopping TC from making this game mode happen.

TC has the potential to make this mode extremely fun and breathtaking. With the right improvements beast mode will be a phenomenal mode. Here is my opinions on how they can improve the mode.

Making it the same as judgment when it comes to the swarm. As they get points for destroying fortifications and stuff like that you can pay for better creatures. As for the cog they can stay as horde classes. It can either be like horde frenzy or all 50 waves.

Let’s see how it goes :ok_hand:t2:

Another one…

TC have already stated Beast Mode isn’t a simple addition because some interface pieces exist with Jack already. They’d still have to build a fully functional PvE mode.

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I see …ok

I hope an overrun Mode as Judgement, that was a great mode !

I love beast mode. Was gutted when it got dropped for Gears 4.There really was nothing quite like seeing 4 or 5 Maulers running up the stairs on Thrashball to smash the ■■■■ out of everything. Good times.

The closest thing i’ve found to it on Gears 5 is speedrunning frenzy on low difficulty with OP characters set up for all out attack. When your getting through waves in seconds it brings back the beast vibe, just without the beasts.

Yeah overrun was great too and had potential to be a mainstay mode. Shame it launched with only 4 maps and took so long for others to be added. The community was bored before the last map came out