Will Baird get the SPOILER?

This question is for people like me that like to listen in on the NPCs to get extra info. If you listen to Baird an iris in act I , after using flash for the first time, iris will talk about his relationship with Sam. Baird and Sam arent talking very much right now because Sam wants to get a tattoo to commemorate there relationship, but Baird has a phobia of needles. So my question is as stated will Baird suck it up and get the tattoo?

I think he will an we will see Baird an Sam tatted fighting side by side in 6, but what do you guys think?

I think it’s a question I didn’t think about and an answer I don’t care about. As long as he doesn’t get the tattoo on his head.

My bad ghostofdelta2 I didn’t realize that would be considered a spoiler since it’s right after the first mission

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All good mate.

Can I change the title as long as there’s a spoiler tag?

As long as it is something like Baird question and then spoilers. Sorry I am being so pedantic, it’s just some people don’t want any spoilers at all.

Nah you good I jus wanted to make sure before changing it so would
Will Baird get the spoiler? Work

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That is fine :slight_smile: