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Wiling to pay at LEAST $100 for a Carmine Tattoo Lancer Skin code (Walmart pre-order code)

Edit: mods have now locked my thread. If you’ve got a skin and want to sell it to me, please PM me as my offer of $200’still stands.

Pretty much title, the full skin is called ‘Carmine Tattoo Lancer Weapon Skin’ and was a pre-order bonus for Walmart. I can not locate this skin for sale anywhere , due to this if anyone has a code they have not redeemed

I am willing to pay quite a lot for it via PayPal or eBay etc if you have a spare code

If anyone has one they are willing to sell please let me know.

Update: I’m increasing my offer to $200 for anyone that is willing to sell their code to me. Again this would all be legit through PayPal or eBay etc, whatever way you want to sell it to me.

What is wrong with you?


Speechless. :confused:


Damn man, somebody’s going to be making some money today. Who’s the lucky guy with the code?

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I have this code along with alot of Rockstar ones too. But don’t think I would sell it. Maybe, I don’t know yet. Good luck finding one around here.

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Why would you pay that much for that skin? I had an extra Ice Kait skin that I sold for $50 when I bought the console and the extra controller a while back.

WOW. You are part of the problem on why TC charges $10 for character skins. SMH.


Well no one has reached out to me as of yet, $100 is the minimum I’d be willing to pay, realistically I’d pay a lot more as this skin is extremely hard to get hold of.

Wtf lol. This is just a skin. And a ugly one too

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Each to their own I guess, I really like the look of this skin and I know how hard it is to get hold of, so I would be willing to pay quite a lot for it to try and get anyone who has the code for the skin to actually sell it to me.

Makes me sick, all this “rare” bs when it comes to skins, if a skin is ‘rare’ its by design. Artificially rare just because its purposely restricted, just contact TC and offer them stupid money for a skin, its literally their business model, why they’re in the game, they just gota copy paste it to your account, $100 for 20seconds work, no brainer

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What if they make it free later or like 1 dollar like the esport things in 4? IDK if it is a good idea because they usually change things like that are exclusive or whatever. I have played many games where things become available later on even if they are special.

Can we say “Blood Moon Imago”? Maybe the OP should just get a tattoo.

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“I’ve got the codes”.


I wish I had the code. I would ask for more than $100 since he is so willing to pay more because $100 is the minimum he’ll pay.

They said the only skins that will remain exclusive are the ones from hardware manufacturers like console, controller, and razer. This will be released to purchase.

Why do you guys care lol it’s not a micro transaction anyways I’ve seen a lot of exclusive ■■■■ sell for high prices all the time

Well for 100$ minimum, I wouldn’t call it a “micro” transaction neither. :rofl: Just messing with ya.

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I don’t know why this topic has caused such a stir on here. I get most people would not be willing to pay that amount of money for such an item, but I’m not asking them to?

Either way, I’ve offered the only person in the thread up to now who has said they’ve got one $200 and he said he is not willing to sell up to now. The offer of $200 is there for any body that is willing to sell me the skin.

I have to admit it’s a pretty cool skin, but “willing to pay AT LEAST $100”?
Good luck to @o0_LJM_0o and I hope you manage to get it but that’s quite a starting bid!
I wonder how much you could have got it for if you hadn’t shown your hand so quickly?