Wild Game of Horde as 5 Veterans

I’ve made a few posts about videos I’ve made recently so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Yesterday @WickedlyInocent, @Ultra_Gnasty and I were messing around doing our “Specific Class Only” shenanigans so we tried a Veteran Only game.

We didnt have a plan but I knew I wanted to try something that most likely wouldn’t work. We put the fab on the other side of the map and then we stayed in the small room near where the ammo box is on the other side of the map. As you may imagine, chaos ensued. I was spazzing out in our party chat, especially on wave 8 lol this was the craziest game of horde ive played. You may ask? How can horde be crazy? Just watch the video and you’ll see.

I apologize for always posting my vids but I just like sharing the fun stuff my friends and I do. Especially this video where it was non stop chaos. If theres one thing I want people to take away from this video, its dont sleep on Smoke Grenades. They saved is countless times in this game.


Never apologise, your content deserves sharing. Keep it up mate.



Nice! As someone new to horde in G5 it’s cool seeing what is possible, gives me something to aim for.


So when are we seeing a run with 5 Gunners using only heavy weapons? Not really a serious suggestion or might’ve been done already, though. Matriarch might be interesting with that, especially if you set a rule that no one uses a cryo or Salvo with Concussive Explosives for that boss.

Amazing game!!

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Do you have any plans for other classes to be played?

I know you’ve done a BM only game but just curious :sunglasses:

I’d totally join a pilot only match :sweat_smile:


Agree 100%.

Its great to have threads by people making challenges for themselves :slight_smile:


We’re doing them for fun atm. We’ll probably do a pilot and gunner. Can’t see myself doing a combat or demo only because it doesnt seem that fun. To me atleast.

Combat would be uber boring and demo… ehh… too much Micheal Bay going on right there.

5 silverbacks on the map though :flushed:

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Five Jackbots 'jacking,… the 12 Days of Gearsmas needs to be written, haha

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Let’s enjoy Halloween first :sunglasses:

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You’re right, I’m completely disoriented. And it ought be “Five Golden Gears” anyhow!

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I would definitely be interested in all Gunner game.

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I did a Jacks only Master Frenzy on Gridlock by joining a random lobby.
All I can say - it was the longest game ever lol
We did finish but it takes ages to kill Wardens and Matriarch.


Indeed! When I’m “Jackin’” it up and the Matriarch is the last enemy left, I consider it a fail, and find something else to do, like grab power or touch up a barrier. Booooring.

Thank you so much for the kind words.

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Thank you ghost. You’ve been nothing but kind to me.

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I have to be nice to at least one person

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we tried this today but my game crashed on wave 7 or 8 I think. It was going pretty well. Its better off anyways so we can get you in the game next time.

We had wicked using the cryo cannon card freezing everything lol it was awesome

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Nice! And thanks! I’ll be on tomorrow after work - around 4 pm ET. If it’s not too late for you guys , I’ll be happy to join.