Wifi Connection Myth

On these forums I constantly hear people complaining about players with WiFi connection being the ones with high ping. That’s simply not true. I use WiFi and the highest ping I will get is 60 and usually I’m sitting anywhere from 10-40 ping in most matches. Either other peoples WiFi connection is completely garbage and I’m an outlier or the players that have extremely high ping are people being put on the wrong servers. Maybe Australians or Europeans being placed on American servers or something. What do you guys think?

It’s not just ping, it’s also lag spikes. How stable is your WiFi connection?


My connection remains stable throughout matches with very little fluctuation

I don’t know exactly how much Gears suffers from it, but I play fighting games also and hear that statement a lot there and it’s 100% not true. Using wifi you are ruining the game for yourself and for anyone you’re playing with. Just get a network cable, it’s not like they are incredibly expensive.


WiFi itself is just a bad experience for Online Gaming.

It’s nature is to have more Jitter.

You might not always notice this as no one sits with the scoreboard open.

Wired will always be better.


I would love to connect my Xbone to an Ethernet cable that is what I used for my 360. My router is very far from my Xbone on a completely different floor of my house. If I could connect my Xbone that way then I would but I’m physically not able to do so. I’ve though of just playing the game on my PC, but then I will have no one to play against because not enough people use cross play.

It’s a struggle. I moved the Xbox next to the PC so I can use Ethernet.

There’s always a way.

I have very neatly routed Ethernet cables around my house and across multiple floors. They are pretty much hidden and you don’t notice them.

Ethernet Cables are good for at least 100m with no quality decrease.

WiFi atm is just really bad and even a Microwave can affect the performance.

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Why not hire someone like Best Buy Geek Squad or some other service to come out and do an advanced wire run? In most cases it’s possible and they could run the wire down through the ceiling and over. It’s not uncommon for them to do wire runs of this nature whether HDMI, Ethernet or others.

WiFi is a miserable experience because many that use it do have massive fluctuations. Unfortunately, with the way Gears 5 runs, if my ping is low and someone else is spiking, I get random teleports which is frustrating. That’s what so many here complain about – poor performance on our client side due to the server being unable to handle a poor WiFi and/or DSL connection.


When I used WiFi I had horrible latency. So I ran a CAT5 cable to my xbox and it got much better. I don’t recall the numbers but WiFi is better for Facebooking than Gaming.

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Some.got it, some.dont. u know who u are. Listen in ranked on a crap connection , u shouldnt b there. But u got a stable connection. Idc. Game also needs good netcode which prior gears didnt have. Its on the person. They know who they are. But i get when u in certain living conditions and its all u got n its how u play… i feel for them… it sucks justbas much for them as it does us…
I know it does if u have any fs to give overall for the 9 other players experience.

It should be clarified. Quality wifi at a short distance will show little difference in online gaming. I’ve done tests and there’s almost no difference on my router.

The wifi people are upset over is the wifi where it’s reaching across the house and transmitting a degraded signal with packet loss, sometimes even drop outs. I’ve played in private lobbies with friends who have horrendous wifi and have seen shots no-reg on them repeatedly. Especially if they have a drop out, they don’t take damage for a moment.

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I play on PC without struggling to find a match… Master on tdm, guardian and gnasher 2vs2.

I think by and large this is correct. Quality isp with a quality router doesn’t make a large difference. It is more susceptible to interference but certainly playable and adequate for ranked play.

I hardwire and think it’s advantageous. I think the widely fluctuating pings come from poor isp service connections which can then be compounded by excessive bandwidth demands in a household as well as other interferences.

The key is to always try to limit all the factors you are able to limit. The average Joe has a low quality dsl connection and utilizes the company provided router. Then they have to play across the house from the router while everyone tries to stream YouTube cat in the tree videos.


I was with you up until the last part. Don’t you dare badmouth cute cat videos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can get 250 foot ethernet cable cheap af online.

You dont have to have it plugged in running up your stairs all the time.
Just unhook it when your not using it.

Wi fi its not a myth…

It just plain dumb with gaming.

as @Krylon_Blue establish your best bet its to hire " GEEK SQUAD’S SPECIALISTS" so they can use DEWALT cordless hammerdrills and give you free line of CAT 7 Ethernet Wire to your console and forget about any myths beyond. …


at the end of the day the only myth here its whether GENIE on the Lamp REALLY exists or not ?

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