Wifi and Packet Loss Symbol

So recently I moved locations and my router is now placed much further from my xbox, hence why I believe I am lagging much more now. At first, I couldn’t even get in a match because my bars were so low. So, I bought the google wifi mesh to expand my connectivity radius and well - it slightly worked. I had full bars and was able to get into games.

Although some games were some, there were still games in which often I kept getting the wifi and packet loss symbol literally every few seconds and playing was unbearable. The wifi symbol shows up with 1 bar only and the packet loss symbol with a line through it. It literally comes every game for hours, then is good for a bit, then again…

If you have any suggestions what I can do let me know (aside from moving my xbox or router closer to each other), thanks.

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I see the one with the squares every 30-60 seconds, sometimes with a lightning bolt, sometimes without. It seems whenever I get close to an opponent it appears. If someone pushes me, or I push them, the icon appears, my gnashed doesn’t shoot right away and/or my shots don’t seem to do the full amount of damage.

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My game has been at a point where even in Gears 4 I would try to slide to walls and my buttons would either not register or register late and it’d get me killed as well as my shots not doing the full amount of damage same as you so I die to shitters 24/7 and I wanna play Gears but I just cant enjoy it do to this and isk what the problem is or how to fix it

I get those symbols and I’m using a wired connection.


Have this problem sometimes an it is annoying i was forced to rejoin match an it would fix itself otherwise my team is down a guy when this packetloss happens

I’m running on google fiber with an ethernet cable yet I still see the wifi symbol. I really wonder what the issue is.

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Exactly the same. Virgin media (uk) every other game works great…not Gears 4,5. Yesterday was especially awful, yet again. :-1::-1:
@OP you absolutely need hard wired for Gesrs, even then it is toss 50% of the time!

Only time gears plays good for me (in England) is a wired connection

I do that and I rarely lag

Are you sure mate, in our matches we always lag badly :unamused:

Did that one time but it was when I think everyone was lagging in general.

I’ve been sound of late not a hiccup so I can’t even blame that for playing ■■■■ :rofl:

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Yesterday was unplayable for me on 5…maybe I need to check my set up ?

Nah mate! Nothing wrong with your setup. It’s Gears 5 and TC. I’ve got the same crap also and only with this Game.

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like other has said the symbols show up all the time regardless of connection method.


run a ethernet cable, do what you have to. drill holes, move the router/modem, do 50+ft runs.

Here was the thread with the explanation of the symbols. You have to scroll down a little.