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Wifi and Packet Loss Symbol

So recently I moved locations and my router is now placed much further from my xbox, hence why I believe I am lagging much more now. At first, I couldn’t even get in a match because my bars were so low. So, I bought the google wifi mesh to expand my connectivity radius and well - it slightly worked. I had full bars and was able to get into games.

Although some games were some, there were still games in which often I kept getting the wifi and packet loss symbol literally every few seconds and playing was unbearable. The wifi symbol shows up with 1 bar only and the packet loss symbol with a line through it. It literally comes every game for hours, then is good for a bit, then again…

If you have any suggestions what I can do let me know (aside from moving my xbox or router closer to each other), thanks.

I see the one with the squares every 30-60 seconds, sometimes with a lightning bolt, sometimes without. It seems whenever I get close to an opponent it appears. If someone pushes me, or I push them, the icon appears, my gnashed doesn’t shoot right away and/or my shots don’t seem to do the full amount of damage.