Why you dont show us the rank of the players in the match at the end, like G4?

The match’s feels so unbalance. The skill points have a big difference between the teams.


Yea thats still one thing that they better fix show the ranks in ranked modes !!!


Then people will begin to recognize the truths. silver players crushing master ranked ones…



Ranks need to show before game, in game and after the game.
this would work perfectly since they don’t show Re-ups in Ranked


that could be true but that’s likely not the case I run with a Master squad and it feels like we are playing silvers half the time and we beat them so bad

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That’s true! But Ryan Cleven said that will increase the quitting player’s. So its obviously that the ranked system is broken because they know the matches are unbalanced. It’s no the same put 5 players on silver in the match vs a team with 1 bronze, 2 silvers, 1 gold and 1 diamond. Probably the teams have the same skill points but its obviously the diamond player will dominated the match!

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It doesn’t bother me, i know all my teammates are bronze 1


people already quit a lot in Ranked i see it every game almost.
when I run a 3 stack or 4 stack the other players on our team are usually quitters, really bad or AFK

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Show the rank!!


To show it beforehand:

If Player base is so high
Then Enforce Quit Penalty
Show ranks
Don’t show ranks

Ryan already answered this in another thread. Basically, he said they got a lot of push-back from people who complained about getting matched with players not appropriate to their skill, and thus getting beaten very badly. So we might not get to see ranks in Gears 5.
Personally, I miss the ranks.

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Hahahhahaha, this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TC!!!

People complain about a legitimate problem (mixed rank teams) so their answer is to… NOT SHOW RANKS!

Yeah, don’t fix the PROBlEM, just HIDE the envidence of the problem…

Yeah, that’s the way to do it, TC…


And then they wonder why nobody wants to play this game anymore.? DUH!

It’s really sad heard that! If this is not fixed the only solution to me is no more playing this game. Its really frustrating.

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Against random solo players I presume.
This will make anyone feel like silver… You know there is scrims right

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lol I usually run 3 or 4 stack almost impossible to find games 5 stack.
I can’t say for sure but most of the time I feel like we do play other 3 or 4 stacks
I don’t care for Scrims.
and for the solo players That’s always gonna be a problem in Gears always has been and is never gonna change unless they add a solo queue but everyone knows in any game searching in a Ranked mode solo could end up very bad

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No. Just the rank system is trash