Why would TC show off such lackluster gameplay

Let me understand something. So you guys get on one of the biggest gaming platforms and use it to reveal Horde modes distant little cousin… Escape…why

Just finished watching gameplay and boy was it boring. I have no idea was these guys would focus on such a boring mode especially when Your cream of the crop is going to be story and vs mp. To be honest, The concept in itself is alright , but for goodness sake chasing around the mindless AI makes even the viewing experience a drag.

I could go on about other things I feel are disappointing but I wanted to hear from the vets how they feel about the game so far.


Escape is definitely a mode I won’t be interested in. Once I have the achievements, it’ll be dead to me.

They’re trying to keep details of the campaign and Versus to a minimum, so Escape was probably their attempt at a distraction.

Many people feel the same way. I’ve been seeing significant down-votes in YouTube and, even more disturbing, a lack of views in general.

The goal of E3 is to hook people and get a positive buzz going. There’s simply no good answers as to why their presentation was mediocre. However, one can speculate as to a lot of bad ones and that’s what people are nervously doing right now. With good reason.

A friend of mine is a Gears streamer and he told me that after E3, several of the major streamers in the US and UK he plays with are nervous about losing their YT revenue if this game flops. The fact that people are even talking about that is so contrasting to the major momentum we were all feeling as recently as last week.

Let’s hope it was just a bad showing.


On point :+1:


The whole MS briefing flat out sucked. Bethesda ruled the show IMO.


I think Escape is a great concept. Hopefully it’s executed correctly. I’m hoping we can chalk it up to just being a poor showing. I watched gameplay of it and I have to say, the guy playing was awful, haha. So I am definitely putting it down to that.

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Ive seen you arent alone but I disagree. Escape mode looks like a ton of fun to me and bringing in the characters from the Hivebusters comics super sweet. The Kait trailer was excellent to me and increased my anticipation of this campaign which I expect to be the best since Gears 2.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, clearly these guys werent really Gears players but having the WWE celebrities playing the game was amusing to watch for me. Hopefully we get some gameplay from real Gears players soon, but the guys playing at E3 was just supposed to be fun.

As far as the rest goes, TC said that this month is Escape, next month is MP including the Beta, August is for Horde, and September is for Campaign. We’ll get it all in the long run and Gears 5 is 3 months away!

Just my opinion and you know what opinions are worth :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything in good time :v:

The hands on will be validation for a lot of people I think and TC are probably braced for the feedback!

Agreed! And if im being honest I dont want to see a single thing from campaign until I get my hands on it. I want as much surprise as I can get!


Yeah, Rod said Campaign is the biggest ever.

It so much better when it’s all a surprise.

Sure, MP and customisations is what I want to know and hopefully get to know more in July. Not long now.

We survived a whole year, last year, with one trailer.

In 3 months time, we’ll have the entire game!


Why you even thinking of getting Gears 5 after the ■■■■ show that happened to gears 4 and reports saying its still broken!

Because 3 years have passed and this is a different game that TC have been focused on making the best possible Gears?

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Yeah, Rod said Campaign is the biggest ever.

I´ve seen you saying this several times now on the forum. I don´t we think we should give much on such general PR statements. After all, they want to sell a procut and nobody who wants to sell something, is going to talk badly about a product beforehand. I hope they are not going the Resident Evil 6 approach though and trade quality for quantity.

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Ah ok,

So he’s just saying it for PR reasons.

All those leaks about areas “20x larger” must just be PR.

Ok :+1:

Leaks should only be seen as valid, when there is some evidence to them. (Like a good track record by the leaker or actual material like pictures)

And yes, he is doing that. I don´t know why you see a need to go into kneejerk mode, that´s simple marketing. I also didn´t say he is lying, neither did I imply that. He is most likely not. Gears 5 will probably be the longest campaign to date. However, what I´m telling you is, that we can´t conclude much from such a general statement, about the quality of the product. Neither are you going to convince people on this forum, to be more positive. Next time, you should read and try to understand what the other person is saying, instead of pulling strawmen.

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Where did I mention quality?

I don’t know why you get up tight when I said according to Rod it will be the biggest Campaign ever?

We’ve already seen some areas from the first trailer that look excellent with a lot going on.

I’m just repeating a message from the studio head.

I think you need to relax a little.

So weird that “fans” want the game to flop before it starts. Literally everyone has agreed E3 could have been a ton better. It is what it is. My money says the campaign will be fantastic. MP will be basically the same with added fluidity and maneuvers. Just hope it has resolved lag comp issues to a degree.

We all wanted our socks knocked off. Didn’t happen, but the game will still be better than 4 in all ways.

Customizations will be off the charts for better or worse. New game mode was shown that has some but not most excited. Didn’t help the guy featured wasn’t the greatest player in the video I watched.


E3 was mostly a bust. Good things to come.

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E3 was lacklustre.

But TC want to show everything staggered per month.

Fine by me.

Full game is here in 3 months.


Your comment clearly indicates, that you thought I was implying that he is lying (or something along the lines)
You know, PR =/= Lying, That doesn´t mean it´s false or exaggerated just for the purpose of selling somethine (Though the latter is more often the case than not). However, it stays a very general statement, that has the intention to hype people up, no matter whether it´s true or not. That´s neither negative nor positive, it just doesn´t make for a good argument, when trying to make people in this forum more positive regarding Gears 5. :slight_smile:

So it could be true, or might not be true, or it might just be hype?


I’ll just take his word for it over your “explanation” and then see for myself on the 6th September :+1: