Why won't they reset Kill/Death each season?

I don’t care about rank because your team factors too much into that and I’m a support player. But, I’d like to see how I’m improving in K/D. I can’t though because it’s still got my old KD factored in from when I spent 6 months learning how to play VS on Guardian, where KD doesn’t really matter.
Seems really short sighted that players are supposed to be working toward something to keep them playing but we can’t even get KD to refresh?


Rather than reset it should be recorded at the end of seasons.

Then you can see where you finished the following season and if you improved, stayed the same or didn’t do as well.


Season 1 - KOTH - Rank - K/D - Win/Loss

Season 2 - KOTH - Rank - K/D - Win/Loss

You should also be able to see all the other necessary info to as actual amount of kills, deaths, ring captures, breaks and so on.


I’m guessing it may mess up achievements with kill count? Say for like a weapon mastery achievement and you got like 70% but dont bother complete it straighg away and then season reset.

They woud have to do all the weapon kill achievements again.

Also I believe K/D should remain as overll count during game lifespan. Instead their should be dedicated seasonal K/D stat.

I respect those opinions but the simple fact is that an overall game K/D doesn’t need to be deleted in order to give a seasonal K/D.
We can see how we ranked ea season. Why not K/D? It’s one of the few measures of personal performance.


Lol you sure are asking a lot from TC, they didn’t even give us proper leaderboards or anything of the sorts like that was in every other gears game.


I just played a match where I threw a nade, watched it roll right up to a player’s feet (literally could not have been closer) and after the explosion good ol Bernie was still standing there lancering… :smile:

Indeed, you’re right. I’m asking far more than this company is capable of delivering. When they get good at the video game part, I’ll try asking them to work on the stats.


I like overall. Plus i do see them as acheivements being reset maybe

Are you kidding? Have you seen what TC does with this game? They probably end up deleting all information from their servers if they even attempted to try this.


I’ve wanted this feature too. I want to know how much of my k/d is affected by the couple of months I spent just figuring out how to get my first kill.

I could just keep a notepad and pen next to me. A kill column and death column, tally for each. Yeah. I’ll do that.

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Confession… when my friends first dragged me into playing VS (which was the equivalent of asking me to be the victim of a sorority hazing every night) I would SHOUT into the mic every time I got a kill. “I GOT ONE! I KILLED ONE OVER HERE!”. :smile: Luckily for them they didn’t have to hear that very often.

Why don’t you just look at your total kills and death write them down and do the simple math. I use to write down my weekly wins and loses trying to figure out this dam Ranking system and kills and deaths

Thanks, I guess I’m not that into it. Improving KD is just something to work toward for me as I play TDM. I don’t feel like rank reflects my talent when the people who score higher went something like 10-9 and I may have gone 8-2. Or I might even go 8-2 and get demoted because we lost the match. So, I just take a little personal pride in knowing I was better at the objective, even if the system doesn’t reward me for it.

I’m just looking at gears 4 now as practice and who cares about rank it’s so broken, hopefully they learn from this and Don’t implement this in gears 5. Your talents are probably better than your rank. It’s crazy on Sat I lost 4 straight TDM matches, I haven’t played for days before, I got one MVP and played average the rest. I logged off hours later I check my rank and I went up 15 points. That put an exclamation point on rank for me.

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Why use Gears 4 as a practice when Gears 5 might be completely different? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mechanics will be the same there is really nothing the can add to gears unless the wanna do some body slams and some high flying mantle kicks lol

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I hope TC either implements WWF/WCW/WWE wrestling moves into the combat system…

OR they go the other way and simplify the game by making it just a Dance Dance Revolution clone where you unlock chances to buy RNG packs (cash only) for glitzy character skins with your higher dance scores.

You’ll have to buy the Gears5 Dance Floor Pad though; Kinekt & Controller use will be disabled.


One thing, the Hammerburst is still listed as a Loadout Weapon in the War Journal. So you know it’s old and not up to date. Another thing, they don’t even give the K/D by each mode, which in my opinion would be the proper way to do it instead of adding it all up together. They don’t even have it separated by weapon tuning, it’s only by ranked and social.

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indefinitely i forgot which game it was but it had a section for kills and objective that showed what type of player you are

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Wow, that would be a dream come true for me. Recognizing actual contributions to the objective of the match…

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Agreed, more emphasis should be placed on indvidual contribution + ribbons such as more kills than deaths, MVP etc.

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