Why wont they let us scrap our extra skills?!

I maxed plenty of skills to level 5. So whenever i get another one of those skills it upsets me to no end i can’t scrap it. No instead it adds a useless tally number that does nothing but sit there and irritate me. Seriously why?

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TC haven’t decided at this stage whether or not they are increasing the level cap for skill cards. One of the potential changes they have been discussion is increasing them to level 6.

Apparently Operation 3 is going to be more PVE orientated so it may be that this will be one of the updates?

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We should be able to scrap anything we can craft.

I have 97 unused steady hand cards for fahz… 97! I have it maxed at 5 already and dont even use the card… I dont understand it at all. I really liked the way gears 4 was for scrapping and creating cards

I agree even if we will be getting the level 6 cards we should have the ability to scrap. TC along with this game is such a disgrace and a mess they don’t even know which way is up!

Closing as we already have a thread on this exact topic, which you have already replied to. Please keep it in the one thread.