Why were Ranked rewards increased?

Yesterday the rank skins were increased from 3 to 8 which I don’t think they’ve ever done before? Anyone have any idea what brought this change? I’m legit just curious.

Also one of the weapon skins they brought back was one we already got last season lol.

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They had to give some sort of incentive for how boring ranked is


You know there’s some truth to that statement and its sad. I had no intention on getting this OPs skins but after that news I am sitting here in rank wasting my time.


Probs cos the player base is rock bottom in ranked cos no one can be bothered to grind the same boring crap modes season after season



Solution right there.

TC honestly has a Masters in bait because I looked at those skins they added with the intention of maybe finishing the set. Forced myself to play garbage FFA which I hate because you either gib or get assassinated.

Much rather play a more interesting playlist for once…why can’t they rotate the playlist??

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My main gripe.

I’m fine if they really wanna keep TDM & KOTH as the two bread and butter modes (which seems the case) but at least alternate the other two or even add another and have 5 modes.

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Probably true, would have wasted my time up to gold for stars and coins anyways.
So thanks TC I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Masters is not worth grinding, bronze skins have a rustic old timey feel to them, reminds me of buildings tops in gears 1

I wonder who warned TC about how boring the ranked tuning before when beta was released…

Then I got buried by almost everyone for it… saying “this tuning is methodical” … when clearly it was not…

All this tuning did was destroy high level game play, which I stand by, ban me for sticking to my ideology , if you must.

Now all the pros & community agree, majority…

Wonder what top ranked player who has absolutely nothing to gain & doesn’t make a single penny warned TC about this.

While I was getting censored & ridiculed for my passion to the integrity of the game others were just “yes” people & reporting me.

6-7 months of not playing & still a top 20 ranked player… nothing to gain… still people treat me like trash because it wasn’t UMG or whatever.

You’d think people would appreciate my dedication to the game. But nah. Some people are just so toxic & offended by anything that isn’t them & condemn them like they did me.

Only a few people actually appreciated my take on bettering Gears of War.

I hate to say I told you so but too little too late.


I appreciate you and so does @TC_Clown


I really just want them to completely reset ranks at the beginning of seasons

I literally don’t feel rewarded at all

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Welcome back👍


In Versus A.I. it is KOTH, TDM and Gridiron. Any other mode got removed. And I don’t like Gridiron.

Literally force those two modes upon everyone :rofl:

They should maybe add a few modes for ranked via player voting.

Would be maybe like gears 2 had it before

Anyways op in gears of war 4 they did the same later in ranked life and added more diamond skins for rewards instead of the usual 3. Just means we are in the tail end of this game.

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Which finishes off the set completely so who knows what they have planned for OP7. They’re either going to rehash the OP 2 - 4 rewards (which I personally wouldn’t mind, cause I skipped 3 and 4), or perhaps pull a GOW4 and give us master CHARACTERS by hitting that rank in multiple modes?

They’re probably prepping for a Gears 6 teaser at this year’s E3…

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TC actually gave a valid point. When this tuning was in beta phase, not many players opposed this by giving feedback.

Many players chose to remain silent or ignore it.

It was only when the tuning rolled out that players started voicing their displeasure with the new tuning.

In the end, was it our fault? We should have fought back actively when the tuning was still in beta phase.

We would have had a much better versus experience now.

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Tuning should’ve been universally added then and not to one random playlist that I tried once, hated and never tried again.

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