Why we probably will see Carmine

Well I was reading some discussions about carmine and not having him in 4 was understandable considering he really might not of had a role in the 4th game. I know we saw Gary… but that doesn’t count.

I think we will see carmine this time because if the campaign is split hopefully from del and Kaits POV to Marcus and Jds view than I’m sure we will see something from him.

If kait and dels journey is long maybe we will see carmine along the way. I’m sure we will see new characters to assist them on there vast journey. This would make since considering they need all the help they can get.

Now if we don’t see carmine on their side of the story there is a whole other half of the story he can assist in and that’s my marcus and jds side.

As to which carmine new or old we see it doesn’t matter but he deff needs to be in the game he’s a classic character to the game. Yes we want new and exciting characters… but honestly I still want carmine!

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There’ll be a Carmine. We just got Gary in such a small role because the Carmine Voice Actor was unavailable. Someone like Vanden can probably tell you more.

But seeing as he returned in 4 (With A, B, and C) I don’t see why he won’t be back to voice Clayton and/or a 5th Carmine.

BTW, anyone dissappointed with Gary’s name? All the Carmines have such stoic names. Then…Gary.

Gary? Not like Grayson?
D maybe would’ve been Dickerson, Dylan, or Daniel.

But Gary sounds so out-of-place.
Maybe Clayton (Gary’s papa) was less creavtive than his parents. Maybe he’s too focused on Killin’ Grubs than coming up with baby names.

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“Gary Grub Killer”

I am sure someone at TC said that they added Gary to the game as a nod to the fans, rather than making a new Carmine character like the others.
I’d like to see more Carmines, but based on what I heard, i dont know if we will, because of Gary’s exit, they may as well be red-shirts at this point.

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I doubt we’re getting an entirely new carmine character but we’ll probably have easter eggs or COG tags relating to them if anything.

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I was unaware of the absence of the voice actor for carmine in gears 4.

Ben carmine probably was my favorite just because of his innocence. I’d like to see more of Gary in the next game. Gary does kind of sound a bit off for a carmine.

But we need a full return of carmine… it’s tradition. It’s the small things that count .

We’re getting a female Carmine id bet my onxy 3 rank and ruby scion progress!!

I don’t think Gary was officially dead in gears 4

Yeah he is that’s why they made a zombie version

Edit: u can see him die if watching carefully - I missed it my first play thru too

I just watched it… it’s clear you can see a DB drop ball hit him and he falls off the platform doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dead.

lol yeah man now ur sounding like the devs who said maybe dom didn’t die in that explosion! those db balls are prob at least 500 lbs man he’d be a cripple for life if he didn’t die

Not at all man doms dead… they don’t appear to be 500 lbs the way they bounce everywhere… it’s not like he exploded or anything. Deff just fell off the platform in my eyes and in real life physics.

Aren’t the dbs in the balls tho? They seem pretty large in size

Yeah, hopefully. Gary’s dead. so no more him. But maybe Clay/Carmine 5 will appear.

Since Gary was an outsider in 4 either kait will swing in at his house on their long trip or Gary’s brother will be in the cog and Marcus and JD will come across him and they will team up during an attack

Why did they skip D E and F is my question? Seems like we might even have twin carmines in 5?

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Twins would be awesome!

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D would’ve been the unnamed 4th brother from G1-3. We never heard of him, so who knows. Maybe there is E & F. Just because we didn’t go A, B, C, D, E, F, G…doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It just means it jumped forward a bit. I’m sure Gary might have some siblings too (E, F)

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If you look at the cutscene after the DB attack Gary is in the watch tower spot but the snatchers got the entire village

Wait, Garry doesn’t count now? He’s one of the most popular playable Carmines. The role was small, granted, but I really didn’t want them to rehash the same Carmine stuff anyway.

In 5,I don’t care if they involve big bird and the cookie monster, as long as the story is compelling. I couldn’t give a leap about the characters in 4 because the story was uninspiring. I was actually hoping most of them would die, they were so annoying.


You’re right about the names, Gary just seemed off. And I’ve heard the D Carmine was Damien which would have sounded awesome.

Hopefully they amhave a Carmine in a bigger role in 5

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