Why wasn’t war machine just brought into game?

Now in no way shape or form do I want war machine for 1 of the last 2 maps for gears 5. But my point is that it’s already kinda made for gears 5 cause we have the 2v2 version of the map. So why not just touch up the rest of the map and just release it. Kinda odd that they didn’t honestly.


War Machine is monkey butt. Can we please not have another Gridlock or Speyer situation Pleeeease. These maps DO NOT play well in Gears 5.


Probably because of the spawns. It’s really easy to spawn trap in versus, and if you set up in there in Horde it’s trivial to fight off the Swarm. Bad for Versus, bad for Horde, easy choice to leave it out.

Tired of war machine. Bring in Diner.


Tired of diner, bring in war machine.


I thought you were special mineman.


I’m actually really wanting glory to return :sweat_smile:

It was a decent KOTH map.

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Glory is just offbrand Thrashball. Change my mind.

I thought you were a decent human being Koty :pensive:

Mount Gearsmore is so good though :weary:

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Faith in humanity

No Faith in humanity


:pensive: but but but it’s a gears 1 map :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Escalation is a gears 1 map too and yeah that map is poopoo.

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Escalation is probably the worst gears 1 map.

Gold rush is pretty bad too :sweat_smile:

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Rooftops is also a very bad map.

Process and Old Bones are my favorite maps from 1. They need to return.


War Machine is probably one of the upcoming maps, which is good because it’ll play better in TDM/Exe than the vast majority of maps right now.


Rooftops isnt half bad. If both teams stay away from HOD it’s good :sunglasses:

I might be a bit biased because its double snipes :drooling_face:

You actually like process? That map is definitely slept on.

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Not even double snipes can save that map lol

I usually have good gnasher fights in rooftops.

It is a bit cramped though. Trust me it’s not high on my list but every once in awhile I like to live dangerously :sunglasses:

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Y’all tripping. War Machine is an amazing map


It’s great, I just fear you will make it into a gridlock or a clocktower.

If it comes back in 5 I dont want to see it in 6.