Why was the Vulture never nerfed?

Hello, fellow gears!

So, little origin story, skip to next paragraph if you want.
I would consider myself a Gears veteran. Been there since 360 GoW1. However, I’m more of a PvE/story player. I really like the Gears stories. Even preferred them over Halo’s, when that was all the rage. Never got deep into PvP. Crucify me, but I’ll stand by my point, I don’t think shotguns make for good competitive meta weapons. Gears is no exception here, although the Gnasher is definitely much better designed than, say, Destiny’s shotguns.
I’ve beaten all campaigns on Insane, solo. Including Judgment’s declassified missions with all stars and Gears 5’s RIDICULOUS Insane difficulty. No second controller shenanigans. Just me, my Lancer, a Boltok and the bow. Point is, I’m not bad at shooters and especially Gears (campaign).

This leads me to Inconceivable. The Vulture, to be precise.
While I did enjoy Incon more than Insane so far, I’m now stuck on this PoS part. Made it multiple times to shooting the core, but there is always SOMETHING that slips my attention and instakills me.
May I ask why this part was never nerfed?
Have The Coalition even adressed it? I’ve found a tweet about one dev beating it once and recommending shooting the turrets after the engines are lit. He said TC would look to fix the engine bug. That was summer '18. (-.-)"
I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous. Everything pretty much instakills you. The omen blocks your view, as does the fire. The bike is super sluggish. It’s an incredibly long fight. And it’s early in the story, blocking progress. At this point of time, 0.11% of all XBox players have cleared Inconceivable. A story difficulty. Isn’t that a bit silly? And especially the Vulture, what’s the point in it being so difficult? It’s a SHOOTER, not a racing game. Why make a slalom so difficult?

You could have given a checkpoint after the engines. For Incon only. Or fixed the engine part. Increased health so you don’t blow up by a dry leaf. Reduced core health. Just - ANYTHING. Yet, nothing.

It baffles me. Have the devs ever commented about that? And I mean, step into my shoes: Gears 5 around, I’m not into PvP. Gears 4 Hardcore is softcore, Insane was clearly untested, Inconceivable blocked by a broken boss. I mean, how could I gather enough trust to justify the purchase of Gears 5 under those circumstances?

I know it’s a lot of text, thanks for sitting through! Vulture just really irritates me…

Why’d you get early access and I didn’t :angry:

Jokes aside, I personally never found that section difficult so I won’t really have any meaningful input. I just shot the engines first and just focused on the turrets. If that’s not working then I wouldn’t even know what to recommend.

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I didn’t even remember the part he was talking about at first, even though I played through it twice. Everyone’s got their own spots that present greater or lesser difficulty for them I suppose.

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Oh, right, Gears 4. Confused here. (^_^)’
Been doing that as well, but when everything is a oneshot and the fight just keeps dragging on, there’s just a limit, you know?

I’ve found the best thing to do in these situations is to walk away for a day or two. Often times, you’ll come back and finish it off, first try, once you are not so frustrated.


I agree with J4CKA1, take a breather, and try again later. I’m still trying to make my way through the Insane campaign solo, currently on a break while in the round room in the catacombs with the Juvies and Pouncers. Had also been stuck defending the museum for quite a while, and I wasn’t going to use the cheese method to get through it.

Though it would be nice if some aspects were a little more balanced on the higher difficulties. I’ve also done the past games on Insane solo, with Judgment’s Declassified missions, and the one stage that really worried me in Judgment was beating the poison gas clock at the academy. Aside from storming the beach, that academy level on Hardcore probably caused me the most deaths because of time running out. I was SO glad that the Insane timer for that level was higher than Hardcore.

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I just beat it.
I still think it is very poorly designed and should have been made easier a long time ago.

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You might be right.

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