Why was Jack's perk changed and its not in patch notes?

So I’ve checked patch notes all the way back to June Its not mentioned in the latest updates and so it seems completely unjustified that they just up and opted to replace jack’s speed perk with an hp regen perk. when jack is such a multi-tasking type class. Soo hes already SUPER frail even with HP perk maxed and you gave him hp regen like thats some kind of trade off? being fast enough to start zapping something and dodging the bullet on master seemed WAY more practical due to him being a mobile bot. Mind you it also helped with carrying the Forge around… speed is also WAY better in the aspect that if you go down you cant even crawl or anything with jack. so being able to hit and run aka zap, dodge the bullet, and go into camo faster made more sense.

Jack’s speed perk was not working properly so it was changed to health regeneration.

The speed boost perk was actually broken, hence why it was replaced. There was evidence on the forums and also a response from the lead PvE developer.

It was broken for jacks-movement but it worked fine for carrying forts which was great for moving the forge to weapons to speed things up.

But forging-jack is pretty much a thing of the past so it doesn’t matter.


Health regen is much more useful than movement speed, especially since movement speed didn’t work properly.

I miss the healing through walls and the instant stun when you zapped someone more


A few days back this surprised me too. The faster heal Regen is kind of nice. Shame that they were never able to make the speed perk work.

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Because it was broken since Operation 5 came out, with the exception of fortifications, as said above and in another thread. So basically the perk has been useless (or at best fills a little niche in helping the Engineer set up fortifications).

I do admit the communication on this was terrible, and you can argue whether Jack should have got a different perk instead of the health regeneration perk, but I guess nothing will be done now seen as development is done.

Damn Jack got the short end of the stick in the past year. Went from a meta class that was in every match to being in not as many. I barely saw him in my matches in the past year.

Multiple nerfs as well to the healing beam and the Forge becoming less common. A fun class to play though if you play the offensive build, it’s just rare that people do.

And I don’t think they ever did anything with the repair cost either.

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They didn’t, because the outrageous cost is intended and they didn’t see any problem with it.

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Shame, I wish they at least reduced it a little bit to maybe encourage more of a mobile Engineer, or at least a decent alternative.

Speed perk never worked, Michael said they’d fix it out with something better

The leave tons of stuff out the patch notes

I just noticed this a couple days ago. I’ve become accustomed to just perk up Ult Cooldown and Repair Cost perks when no one else plays Engie.

There’s another thing:

Has anyone else noticed that roadie running with a Hijacked mob is now extremely fast? I’m talking drone and Scions. I have yet to 'jack a DR-1 since OP8.

Aggressive Enemies is responsible for this. It gives enemies a 25% speed boost iirc, and it transfers when Jack takes one over.


Ding! Thanks for that, makes sense.

It definitely needs a change for frenzy mode that’s for sure lol

I think a better perk or card would be to chain the damage shock

Actually it’s not. With the influx of newer players, it’s still seen as meta amongst them. Every 50 I’ve done lately with Jack, they pull out a forge and not having the speed movement perk has been annoying AF.

It also sucks for when Jack winds up being the engineer because the host didn’t require one.

Hmm fair Points. I always run Optimzier when i play with Randoms only,
just in case the Engineer builds a Forge.

I totally forgot how much freaking Power there is when you got a Jack and a Tab(s).

I can see it being annoying on Maps like Regency where a Forge is used most of the Time while also being a big as hell Map so weapons are far away.

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So is there any point in using HP Regeneration? Even Healing Upgrade + HP Regen? Has anyone noticed any difference when playing aggressively and taking damage?