Why was defaulternate nerfed

What was the reasons behind nerfing it and the shot delay is absolutely absurd right now .

Clearly now classic alt seems to be the op control scheme to use now .

…TC barely even acknowledge their Twitter feed these days.

You expect them to “nerf” a modified controller configuration?

That’s very specific and random.

TC hasn’t touched anything to do with Gears 5 since last January. You’re experiencing some sort of lag or controller issues

A super easy way to get them to respond is to show them a screenshot of someone saying something bad in the chat. That always works.

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Not a bad idea, like:

”Jingle bells, Cleven smells, Dana paused all day!”
”Uuummm…uhhhhh. Made you look.”

Or something equally constructive.

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Lou I have been barking up this tree for months.