Why trade boomshot for lancer?

Just curious about something and wondering if there’s something I’m missing.

Was playing KOTH today and in two separate matches a teammate came up to me offering to trade their boom for my lancer. In one instance it had 2 rounds, the other one.

Two different players two separate matches hours apart

Naturally as I see players scrambling for boom any time the opportunity is there, I wonder what is going on?

These are the only two times I’ve ever experienced this and it happened twice in one day which got me curious.

Anybody have an explanation or guess?

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At a guess I’d say they picked it up just to deprive the opposition of it.

Or perhaps they just really liked your lancer skin…


Could be that might not be very good with and think you’d make better use with it. The group I play with normally let me grab snipe because they know I’m better than them with it.

I know it’s a weapon that guarantees a kill but some people just don’t know how to use it effectively so maybe they thought you’d do better.


To throw you off and make you question everything you thought you knew.


Yeah, I did lose a lot of sleep last night over this

I’m a sniper myself and usually I’ll grab weapons I don’t even care for to give to random teammates just so opposing team doesn’t have it

Probably just to keep it away from the other team. i do it all the time.

Yeah that makes sense now that I think about it. Was just weird it’s never happened before then boom, (PUN) twice in same day.

Well in something like guardian I’ll grab a power weapon and give it to the leader so they are more protected. Stuff like the longshot and boomshot are what I usually go for.

Edit: just realized you said KotH. But I still think it isn’t a bad idea to give power weapons to higher skilled players. But that is totally up to the person with weapon.

Maybe thought you was good, i was carrying today and i had a teammate grabbing sniper and giving it to me, even sent me a message to tell me they like me. God knows how though as i was talking ■■■■ about my poor performing players.