Why the operation system doesn’t work on gears

Why wait 3 months for new characters that are bugged/glitchy in horde and escape, why wait 3 months for “new” characters that were in the game since launch, why wait 3 months for villains that you can only use in multiplayer, in rainbow six siege they actually need the 3 months to make operators not too OP or too weak since you use their abilities in ranked, in gears of war you don’t use their abilities in ranked and their abilities are absolutely meaningless if you don’t play horde or escape, so what’s the solution? Forget the operation system, bring new characters every month to attract players or keep players, release more villains since those are easier to do because they don’t have cards, maybe 2 per month and 1 cog character, this operation system is boring and not worth the wait, without it we would have 12 new characters right now, instead we are missing basic characters like paduk and Clayton that are already in the game

To have people feed into the cash shop. This piece of software is a storefront with a game attached. If it wasn’t for the skin shop, there would have been some worthwhile content in the game.

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It just takes way too long to play new maps/content. I’d rather have Gears 4’s monthly updates.

Because seriously, waiting 3 months to get 1 new map, and another old remade map is pissing me (And I’m sure a lot of other people) pretty off…

The Hero system might sounded good on paper, but I think they overlooked the fact that it takes way too long for players to get new characters they can play as. Just allow players to be able to select duplicate characters (At the start of) the match in Horde. It’s just awkward people ‘fighting’ over character selection in the Lobby… :unamused:


They drip feed content to try to keep us here. As for how rainbow does things. I never programmed but imo its easier to weaken an op char than make a up one viable.

Its funny they said the whole reason for having skins and other micro-transactions was so they could offer game expansions at no cost. Well where are the maps? Where is the content people actually care about? Charging us for Characters that should have been available at launch. Its a little ridiculous, to boot the game is fundamentally broken.

How about release a proper game with content?
I think us gears fans need to demand more. We have set the bar so low. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be unlocking skins just by playing the game and leveling up. I haven’t noticed any skins unlocked just by playing the game, and if you do happen to get one you are guaranteed an unappealing skin. I’m still playing a ice kait because that’s what i got with the game and nothing else. I only play multiplayer. Yes, making money is a factor. But incompetence and amateur game development is also!