Why the lambent isnt available on website pls add

pls add lambent packs on website

The lambent pack will be available as soon as possible on the website, just keep checking back regularly. Just give them time to put it up on the web pack store since this was a last minute decision change.

Might take a few minutes to get them up…usually that happens when packs go live

probably going to take longer than usual since this was like a last minute decision change imo.

** UPDATE **

All Lambent Packs are now available for purchase on https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/cards/store - thank you for your patience.

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I am just wondering but when is the lambent pack coming out, i haven’t seen it at all on the GOW4 website store.

Apparently they are already available in-game, I’m guessing the web site will take a while since they changed it at the last possible minute.

Strange, cause i haven’t seen the paid pack version or the credits version of the pack in the store on the website yet.

In another thread someone claimed they bought a pack with money only to see a few minutes later the packs available for credits which he also was able to buy (with credits).

I think that person did it on the console.

Yeah, odd the priced packs aren’t on the website yet. They take a little while compared to the console to come up on the website regardless. What Belkain said though, with the change, they fix a few things

Just a heads up, TC are looking into deploying the pack on the web store.

I cannot see any lambent packs in the store right now. Well as far as the gearsofwar.com website goes. Is there a reason why?

Lets hope they hurry.