Why the hate against randoms?

On Ritual the other day i was meleeing a dr1 and a slugger threw a shock at me i was blademaster and died. Dont know random slugger deal with shock grenades.

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If randoms just play smart and know how to play the class their will be no hate. Just know what the class can handle. If 3 drones come toward you and know you wont win the fight back up but i see randoms just stay there many times and they die. In an instance in a custom hive i was tact and i spot multiple drones i got some breathing room from them when they came towards me or i would probably been dead.

I’m absolutely fuming at randomers today… The usual nonsense really. Activating fans that aren’t needed (ironically this randomer was playing as a Blademaster, so they ended up not being able to help me and the other player); and Brawlers with All The Glory tackling enemies I’m about to execute, thus causing a pile of friendly fire damage which gets me downed and killed. Get in the sea you bunch of pillocks.


Mostly because roughly…hm…98.999999999999999998% of the time the most horrifically bad lack of teamwork, or any kind of co-ordination, despite one’s best efforts are from experiences with randoms. Specifically on higher difficulties.

There is of course that rare time where randoms are cooperative, efficient and ultimately successful. It is then that upon victory they transcend to freedom from the Random Realm and become…known.

Or of course they do so terrible they’re remembered and fall further down to Liability Land, which does happen.

This is why I’d prefer to use Flashbangs over Shocks. Especially if I’m the Slugger and the Explosive Damage reduction modifier is on.

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At this point we should all know what we are getting into when we load up a lobby with people we don’t know and have never played with. Even 5 good players that have zero team chemistry can result in a loss.

When I started PVE for the first time around OP2 I knew that a consistent team was more beneficial than not. I honestly don’t know how people still play random lobbies. To each his own I guess.

I used to complain about “randoms” or whatever but there is some level of culpability one must take if they load up a random lobby every day just to complain about it.

The key is to build a friends’ list so you never have problems with “randoms”.


We usually have a group of 4 (Me. Wicked, Ultra and Legacy) and will get a random in. You’d be surprised the amount of carnage 1 single random can accomplish lol


For me I just either get on a complete different game, lock the slot or wait 30 minutes for another friend to magically get on.lol. Low Risk.

I’m not going to host a completely random lobby for Boss Rush on training grounds and pretend to be surprised when we lose.


I actually prefer sluggers to have flash grenades than shock grenades. They can buddy up with the blademaster and imagine how much they can accomplish with 10 total flash grenades since the blademaster is always so far from the fabricator. Never would of seen the day sluggers and blademaster can be friends but this would definitely accomplish that.

In PvP the randoms I get are generally better than me. I can’t complain

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Because the randoms I get are border disabled, I hate playing solo hence why I play ffa

A. Not all of us go around adding every single player we meet. “Make a team” is a generalization I’m personally not too fond of. Most of the people I played with that weren’t randoms are from the forums. I’ve run into some forum members that I didn’t add after the run either(like Pepper).

B. As usual, Boss Rush undergoes different considerations than a Frenzy. I wouldn’t play that with randoms either. A Frenzy with randoms should have much better chances of success… but they still manage to screw it up somehow. Like, three of them failing to handle a single Guardian just makes you question how they’re still playing Master. Do they just win by standing out in the open and staring at enemies?

Could always ask me. Though I guess I could too, but I don’t like bothering people unless I know them well enough… and I still sometimes don’t message him either. Particularly if he’s on something like the YouTube app(why does anyone use that?) or Netflix.

I’m on YouTube all the time.

Sure, but like, I don’t see the point. If I watch YouTube I do it on my phone or PC/laptop, or just on a browser. Maybe that’s just me though.

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Good for you

In the beginning when I wasn’t any good and didn’t have a friends list I added people who I won games with because I was self aware of the fact that horde is a team game and team chemistry is important. You can do whatever you want in this game but my process elevated my skill level while surrounding myself with really good players.

My process lead to less frustration, more fun and more winning.

I’m personally not interested in the opposite of any of those things


All I’m saying is, it may be simple for you, but not necessarily for others. Sure, you win games with randoms, but when there’s little to no communication going on, I don’t have much of a reason to add them after the match either. And most don’t bother doing it either.


Well, some of us have no choice but to play random/public games. We don’t really have an actual team to play with.

On my personal experience, whenever I get some guys who said they’ll play Horde games with, they just flake out.

So that puts me back to square one; playing random/public games. And hosting my own games is no better/different.


Look for a lobby that says: " Join if you’re not a coward". You’ll be welcome there if you’re not a coward, of course.


Well, it depends on how one interprets the word “Coward” with how one’s playstyle. The host may see your playstyle as being as “coward”, when in actuality, you’re just being tactical.

And before you know it, the host kicks you out.

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He won’t kick you unless you’re afking or a shock spamming Slugger. At least, that’s my experience.