Why the hate against randoms?

This is my first post. I’ve actually been reading on here for quite some time. While I’ve come to ponder many topics after reading discussions on here, a few stick out more than others.

One that comes to mind immediately is the blatant anger and rage against random players.

I’ll say right away that I’m one myself. That is, a complete random. In fact, I have literally never played in a squad. Whether it be escape, horde, or versus, I have always gone 100% solo.

This is due to a multitude of reasons, but mostly because my small group of Xbox friends hate Gears 5 (Although they’re finally starting to play it after 2 years).

Anyway, I have read quite a few angry posts on here of players hating against randoms. Quite honestly, aside from rare occasions, I’ve always done just fine without a team. I’d also like to note that I have never used a mic, and my teammates almost never have either. In spite of this fact, I have managed to master every hive and horde map. I also made it to masters in versus when that was possible too (Old system and GP system).

^(Sorry if that sounded super braggy)

In other words, in my more than two years of playing this game, I have rarely ever had bad matches with teammates who I have had no prior interaction with. Most of the time, everyone seems to know what they’re doing. I’m making this post to ask you hardcore team players what kills you the most about playing with randoms.

I also want to encourage you to give us lonely folks a chance. I feel like a lot of times people develop idealistic views. For example, someone may know know the perfect way to complete an escape hive, but when a random teammate makes a mistake, it throws them off. Maybe even enough to kick them.

As a final note I can agree that sometimes players can be truly unworthy of playing with. In my experience, it’s when they refuse to try something different, such as an alternate route. But again, this happening is few and far between for me.

So yeah, I just wrote half of an essay in support of randoms as teammates. Sorry for this random post. I’m kind of random.


You dirty random


When people complain about the randoms, they talk about those that actually have no business playing on Master difficulty because they’re terrible and assume they are good - no offense to bad players, but knowing your limits is part of the game - when in reality, they absolutely aren’t. Or those that completely fail to read lobby titles if they have a more specific requirement listed. Or those randoms that play in such a way that does more harm to the team than it is useful, eg grenade spammer Sluggers unless they throw around flashes.

And they are a LOT more common than your post makes it sound. You’ve just been getting lucky. I don’t kick a player for being average, but if you’re joining in progress as the Mechanic, then proceed to drag the already placed fabricator to the other side of the map instead of building by the taps, you’re getting the boot, end of discussion. Or if you stand in a tap capture circle and don’t bother to revive the three players right at your feet.

A player who primarily plays on Master difficulty. It’s the terrible randoms that everyone complains about.


Lol j/k. Probably how gaming has changed… if you don’t kno someone, you tend to treat them negatively. Just how the landscape of gaming is currently across pretty much all games.

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There’s already lots of threads on why and all the things they do which cause annoyance.


Hate is a very strong word.

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OP add me and @Aloha_its_Kyle

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I think it’s less “we hate randoms” and more “bad random players are fun to tell stories about.”

I’m mostly a solo cue player, though I sometimes join friends when timing matches up. For the most part, random players in Master Horde are perfectly fine players. Some are excellent players. And some have no idea what they’re doing. Those are much more fun to go into depth about than the other two.

If the majority of randoms weren’t generally good players, I wouldn’t still be joining random lobbies lol.


This is the truth. Hate is a very strong word to throw out there about people you’ve never even met. The thing about randoms is that they are the gift that keeps on giving( famous quote from a well known scholar here ). You genuinely don’t know what they will do next, its a surprise everytime you join a game. Ot creates hilarious stories.

Like this one time, when it was just Wicked and I before we met all these good people here and had no one to play with, a had an engineer join my game. Wicked used to play Jack all the time before he got all the buffs so I would ask engineers to build her a forge very politely. I knew this person spoke English so I know they could understand my messages. It was like wave 8 or so and no forge yet. I kicked them. I later found out that person screenshotted my profile and put it on a gears Facebook group saying how much of a horrible person I am and to avoid me at all costs. This is my favorite random story so far. I dont have anything against the person but it was a little silly to screenshot my profile to put it on a Facebook group so all the members could rag on me when all I did was kick a person for ignoring a simple request.


Perhaps I did downplay the frequency of getting bad randoms.

It’s just that out of the 1000’s of matches I’ve played across all modes, probably only 50 or less have contained teammates worth complaining about. So maybe I am getting lucky!

Exactly. What makes a more entertaining story:

  • This one time, this person was an idiot and this is what he did
  • This one time, everything went smoothly and nothing weird happened

That’s a good point that maybe I looked over. Like I mentioned, I’ve been reading on here in the shadows for quite some time (sorry, that sounds creepy).

It’s just that I’ve seen countless jokes and sometimes straight insults towards people playing solo. I too have my fair share of stories.

Your view definitely changes my perspective on this topic.

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This one time a slugger threw a shock grenade at me while I was meleeing a Warden. The Warden killed me.

These can be interesting too. This one time (many times) Ultra killed everything and everyone else could relax.

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That’s a interesting point. Things are certainly different than back in 2006.

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People hate stacks, people hate randoms, people hate people who use Casan, people hate anybody for any reason. Again… who makes these posts?


Some random. Sorry


Just when I think I’ve seen everything, they always do something new. Like how the Infil I played split with today didn’t bother grabbing the overkill at medbay and just went straight into the sentinels and DR1s with just a talon. I have a feeling a lot of people don’t know about the weapon cache in the second to last room where the horde of DR1s spawn in which is why no one but me goes there when we don’t have a marksman, demo, and/or tact. Literal circus sometimes.

Good. You and wicked deserve better.

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I think there IS a bit too much negativity toward random players when we talk like a clique. I don’t think you’re wrong. But I also think, at least out of the regulars I’ve befriended here, that it’s all meant to be good-natured ribbing and sort of a cathartic collective eyeroll for everyone who’s played with THAT kind of player before.

Like, for example, two days ago I hosted a lobby, ended up kicking a guy for berating other players in chat and constantly dying. The guy who replaced him? A low-level Nomad who, first thing he did, bought a GL and mortared a Juvie. I kicked him, too. All the other players that match? They were random solo cue players and they did perfectly fine. I enjoyed playing with them. But there’s not much to a story about how the Pilot did Pilot things, the engineer engineered and the the Anchor threw his mighty shield.

We could stand to be a bit less pessimistic here, I think you have a point. But in general it’s just an outlet for us to groan about those sorts of players that just ruin the game for others, not solo/random players in general. There’s just a reason these sorts of players are alone lol.


The problem is that there is so many of them like this that it’s kind of hard not to generalize them all. I’ve played with plenty good people that aren’t on here but they’re so few of them in comparison to the amount of those who have an IQ equivalent of a seal bouncing a ball on its nose. Too many times where we put NO DEMO or X class only that isn’t demo in the title but what do they do? They don’t switch off demo when they join in.

Pretty much my exact point of making this post.

But to make it very clear, there are absolutely a ton of players out there worth kicking. In this post I’m simply displaying the idea (although maybe not clear enough) that bad experiences can sort of change perspectives.

In other words, once you have a bunch of bad randoms, you’re extremely hesitant to play with other ones. Or at the first sign of a mistake, they’re kicked.

Obviously though the cases being talked about here are a bit more extreme than “the first sign of a mistake”. I’m just trying to throw my view out there.