Why the discrepancy in xp for playing escape instead of other multiplayer like koth?

Its a little aggravating that just because id rather play koth all day instead of escape that I get a lot less xp for time spent playing. I mean im here, playing your game instead of another game. Shouldnt xp be the same for your time spent? Why such a heavy weight on escape and such a low weight on other multiplayer modes. Im currently sitting on re-up 14. If I had spent that time playing escape instead id be sitting somewhere between 25-30.

Im at 31 days play time in escape and im reup 37, think my total play time is about 45 days.

U get more in escape due to the xp modifier for higher difficultys. A run thru the clock on master can get u 5k xp in 10 minutes or so.

But yeah xp for versus is pisspoor compared to every other mode, it doesn’t help the ribbon rewards also suck.


This is one of the things I hated about the XP system in Gears 4 and in Gears 5.

VS players get the short end of the deal when it comes to XP in Gears 4 and Gears 5, and even after they tripled the XP payout in VS, it still doesn’t feel enough.

The XP system should be changed to make things more even.

I understand that higher difficulties would award more XP, but Versus is ridiculously low in comparison.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was done on purpose to encourage players to play their fantastic new mode.

It’s not entirely rubbish, but gets boring quick in comparison to the satisfaction of beating real players.


You’re fantastic.

Edit: I’m sorry, I should also mention @GhostofDelta2 is also freakin fantastic too.


@GB6_Kazuya @eviljas lol. Ive been playing since day 1 of launch. I took about a 2 week hiatus december of last year b/c of the piss poor state of things. And im 14. No offense meant here but something is really off when a guy playing for45 days has over double the xp of someone who has been.playing for almost a year.

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I wouldn’t take the whole “45 days” number as seriously as you are. With all the real life things such as sleep, eating, work/studies, family, etc, I think 45 days of playtime in the game across one whole year is reasonable… and grinding ribbons also provides faster progression still, rather than just relying on TCs horribly badly designed “time based” Reup progression which requires you to play 250(or something) whole days of Master Horde while getting the max number of ribbons, assuming some values which I’m currently not particularly bothered to stick into the thread.

But yes, Versus XP gains are also terrible, even worse than in Gears 4 even, I reckon.


(Just as well you mentioned @GhostofDelta2! He may have gotten upset and stopped sending you educational photos :scream:)


Indeed, good Doctor.


Oh no, we couldn’t have that.


Ive played since early access but ive also played ather gms and unlocked 100% achievements on these gms also. The 45 days is my in game time as shown on the stats page and i also have boost.

However im not one of these ppl who get reups by idle methods, i actually play the game.

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I know man … you have true passion towards the game. I wouldn’t imagine you man having fake achievements

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Thx, appreciate itđź‘Ť

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I missed out on these methods. Smh

There still available to do.

I’m talking about death from beyond.

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Thats not an idle method tho, u still hadd to play the gm for that.

I remember you being critical about players using it though.

Not that it matters now sine TC killed it off completely almost as soon as it became known to the wider public.

My issue was that they made themselves look all high n mighty then proceeded to post a guide here knowing that tc will patch it.

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Well, that was just Wolf acting all high and mighty and wanting to get it patched out so nobody else could get to Reup 50 soon. Ektope, not so much, just cared about getting there and have it out of the way.

The showing off was really unnecessary.