Why the different approach from the rest of the Gears Games?

I just realized that the female bodies in this game look very manly compared to all the females we see in all the other Gears of War games released like Anya, Sam and even Valeria. I also see that the CoG armor lacks the neck cover that we see on all Onyx Guards and CoG Troopers in the past games. which to me is kinda immersion breaking. Could we get in future Updates more lore friendly clothing and body types for both female and Male characters?

Preaching to the wrong peeps ma man.

Seems rather miniscule

The female faces are a massive improvement from 4 to 5. They still haven’t got the Queen right though.
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Damn right they haven’t. They had her perfect in UE! Beautiful. But they ruined her face in Gears 5 completely. Gears 4 wasn’t bad despite sharing Anya’s face.


Sign of the times sadly pretty much all female protagonists in games are now butt ugly and very masculine.

What about anya’s hands?

Kaits a55 looks great what are you talking about

I beg to differ

Gears of War 4: Kait Diaz Outsiders / 3D Model by DecadeofSmackdownV3 on  DeviantArt

thats butt ugly?


2019 game made well before the current woke outbreak, let’s see what happens in the next ones.

Gears 5 September 2019
Gears Tactics April 2020

If it happens, remind me why its an issue again?

Are you really that stupid.

nice, resorting to insults.

you stated that

which i stated that Kait isnt, and in the case that she didnt look the way she looked, is that an issue? if shes written well idc what she looks like.
I like Cara Dune (ik she isnt the main protaganist) but she isnt built like Leia or Rey or attractive like Leia or Rey (in my opinion)


Nice, going to the old insult card

He wants lara croft from 1999 in games today with that TnA on full display


its the only way :relieved:

What a bunch of snowflakes.

I dont consider myself one, but I do think insulting someone for asking a question is a pretty snowflake move.

why is it an issue though? you never got back to me :smiley:

Are you serious? Having our media content dictated by loud active minorities is always going to be an issue for any free thinking person. I agree that games do not need over sexualised female characters however, there is also no need to go to the other extreme either in order to placate the aforementioned groups. If you haven’t noticed the recent changes in all current media then I pity you.

it seems like its an issue to you.
i personally am not effected.

people like people they can relate to, so you can understand why people advocate for more inclusion, which gears has always done. Look at gears 1, Dom, Cole, and Minh. 3 minorities right there.

gears also does a better job then other franchises with making minorities look dope and beloved, Kait may not have the best writing but i prefer her over Rey. great actress but horrible writing. I can put myself in Kaits shoes at certain situations, not always but more often then Rey. I still cant wrap my head around her lol.

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