Why the coalition needs to add The Locust in Gears 5 Horde mode

They. Aren’t. Bosses. Anymore.
They act in the sane way as Maulers did and spawn at the same times. (Late waves in standard Horde, typically 8-10)

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Again you making stuff up tbey only appear on 5 and 10 waves or i. The case of frenzy every 4 waves. Again on frenzy while playing solo on wave 4, 8, and 12 they pop up as one of the singular boss like enemies to show up

But they don’t though, not anymore. And they were probably the weakest of the mini-bosses previously. A Marksman can oneshot them using X-Ray; a Blademaster can lock them down with their ultimate or bleed them out with a few Mace swings. Demolitions or Tactician can bleed them out with explosives… there’s lots of straightforward options to deal with them across multiple classes.

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But he isn’t making stuff up though. Wardens used to be a mini-boss - used to be - past tense. As of Tuesday things changed and they’re basically considered to be a Scion variant who can spawn earlier (as well as on boss waves).

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They dont pop up if a snatcher carrier matriarch or other pop up when soloing witch leads me to the FACT Tc considers them a boss

You’re wrong still.

You barely get any remotely strong enemies bar bosses when you solo.


And this is why people i know who own EVERY gears game amd shelves of gears collectable WONT touch gears 5 even when i offer them $50 simply to see of i can get them.into it. Personally i was WAS a huge fan and enthusiast of gears 5 but they have to keep nessing amd messing and messing with the setti gs most were cintent with until thwy manage to push that one button for every single original hardcore fan

When I was trying to fill out a spreadsheet, I was almost never encountering Scions in Horde when I played by myself. That right there proves it.

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Other players beg to differ. As @Watery_shoe mentioned, some of the other forum crew are putting together a spreadsheet covering enemy combinations and the Warden DOES appear on non-boss waves, and CAN appear even if the Matriarch is one of the potential designated bosses. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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I own every Gears.
I have collectors edition of 3 and always pre-order, your statement added nothing to your point.

I always noticed it in the past, imagos and standard drones would just keep spawning on solo before the update, a few grenadiers laced in.

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Scions are pretty rare when playing alone. I always found that interesting that they do that but it makes sense since less firepower means fighting a dozen Scions wouldn’t be the easiest thing.

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I always have that ine game i dedicat e $100 once a month on getting all the exclusive stuff gears 4 and gears 5 were the most recent favorites of mine this new addition has redecided that $100 will now go to coldwar with i had been spending only 12 hours a month on. Gears 5 i had veen spending about 6+ hours a day but this changes all of that. Now i seem to be spendi g 2 hours a day and possibly less since the new update

I’m done with this discussion. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Similarly if people want to believe that the world is flat just because they’ve never seen the Earth as being round from outer space in person; or want to believe that the Warden only spawns on boss waves purely because that’s the only time they’ve seen them, then that’s on them.

You can lead a horse to water and ge can drink but no horse is dumb enough to drink green water

I’m confused as to what point is trying to be made now.


That they need to make this new (addition a selectable option not a forced one) they souldnt FORCE people who enjoyed it the way it was play it. They shouldn’t remove it outright either. Why can’t the make it a custom choise like they did in gears 4?

He claimed that Wardens are definitely bosses and only spawn on boss waves because that’s the only time he’s seen them spawn. I’m making the point that just because he hasn’t seen them on other waves doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Now he’s talking about green water. GOW fans man… the gift that keeps giving.

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I’m done arging that point after all we both seem to have contrasting opinions. So we agree to disagree about the wardens. Moving in i dislike the locust are a forced addition instead of an optional one. I mean arguably it would make far more people happy and yes maybe it eould make searching change but you could a) adjust ot so its another section of the search bar or you could b) make it like ai or no ai and have it only show when you join

Just gonna leave this here:


It’s not an opinion though… I’ve seen Wardens on non-boss waves, and so have many other people. Are you suggesting that we’re all liars now? If you play it enough, you’ll eventually see it, but just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s true.