Why the all the hate against Sentries?

I’ve recently gotten into playing the engineer (Mechanic) in custom matches but based on what I’ve been reading, some people really hate these fortifications to the point of not having a single one in their game.

Is this because of bad experiences or is there something else I’m missing?

As the engineer, I have a lot of responsibility so I always ensure to drop a few lvl 2 bariers at the main entrances , and depending on the classes I’m playing with, I’ll get the locker up to 4 immediately or leave it at 2 and upgrade it as I go along. I always place sentries so that they can help with support fire and even provide some amount of cover if necessary. Plus they help finish off flushers that are slowed by the barriers and help take out flyers (who of course have no respect for barriers).

I find it annoying when a map is literally just sentries and getting in the way, obstructing movement and even preventing DPS classes from effectively dealing damage, but is the hate just because they are wasteful fortifications or just more because often times players aren’t smart with the power donated to the fabricator?


Sentries take up a lot of room, making it harder to maneuver, and they can hog all the kills, preventing other players from actually contributing.


I like sentries OP.

The more the merrier.


I see. So the Engineer is to be blamed. I strongly believe sentries are to provide support so if it hinders, the engineer is to be blamed. Your fortifications shouldn’t prevent a player from retreating in a hurry or worse, take up a critical position preventing a DPS from doing their jobs properly. So the dislike is for the poor management and not for the fortifications themselves. Needless to say, I never buy sentries if the team is low on power. Better use barriers to slow enemy movement until we can afford to be luxurious.


It’s simple,…many engineers like to sentry spam and block your way, steal kills and often. Prioritize leveling sentries over getting the team set up with lockers.


The (MG) sentries are stupid. All they do is suck tons of power because they keep getting boomshotted over and over. Then the idiots keep resurrecting them only for it to happen again two seconds later, creating an endless loop of stupidity. So what they killed some juvies and imagos who were stuck in the fences? COG gear could’ve done that. When the JDs or whoever starts buying them I take it as a sign of desperation that they don’t know what they’re doing with their class and I refuse to repair them. Hopefully they get the message, but half the time that doesn’t even work because they then buy their own repair tools and obsess over their sentries instead of doing their proper classes’ job.


I’ve been in that position when I did a few daily Horde-matches with randoms. If I noticed that enemies would constantly breach the perimeter I would start building sentries until it stopped.

And yes, at that point at least 6-8 barriers and 1-2 lockers were build and I put them down in a way that they wouldn’t hinder anyones view/angle.

But there’s only so much you can do with barriers when people don’t minmax their dps.

tldr: most complaints probably come from people that played with randoms and didn’t realize that they were underperforming and just like to blame others.
With a good team the money is better spent on perks instead of sentries, but even then they can be a nice bonus in the back of the base in case the Sentinels decide to make a visit.

Positioning matters. And Dels Sentries can take quite a beating before they fall apart. In fact the only thing that reliably destroys them are Carriers/Matriarchs that made their way into the base.

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Your TL;DR is almost as long as your actual comment lol.

Sentries are just bad practice at the beginning usually. I don’t mind a few of them sitting around, especially if they cut off weird paths which are usually not being protected.

If they hinder my movement then off they go.


I do get PTSD from Sentries from Gears 4 speed runs (*shivers uncontrollably).

I don’t mind Sentries, its just when people rely on Sentries to get them through a match, or its their first port of call, that’s when I have an issue. Sentries are good for flyers, and if your team is a little weak on DPS, but they can be expensive to build, upgrade and maintain, plus they can take a long time to repair. They can get in people’s way in terms of movement and interrupt sightlines for players.

It’s a very boring playstyle as well. I know, I’ve done it.

As other people have already said… They are annoying to see because they can get in your way, as well as taking tons of energy in the first waves. Seriously, I hate when it’s wave 1, everyone deposits… And Engineer builds a sentry and puts it in the front, lol.

Like @todo_ese_jugo said, all they are doing is taking easy stuff out, like Juvies and Imagos, only for them to be blown to pieces once a Scion gets close. And then you have Engineers wasting energy (instead of providing Lockers or more barriers) repairing and recharging sentries over and over. Waste of energy, I could kill the same enemies without costing the base any energy.

Personally I only place them if there’s a side not covered by anyone… For example Allfathers Arena on the side if there’s no one there, or Foundation. Or Regency. Or at the mid/end game, if I see tons of teammates going down once enemies start just taking you down with 2 shots of the Claw and it gets rather unfair. Otherwise the Sentries I build stay at the back of the base for fliers and in the case we get overruned by Scions or something of the sorts.


I still haven’t gotten over the sentry spam from Gears of War 4 and honestly I don’t think I ever will. There is something about frontline sentries that completely throws my entire game off.

I actually can’t play when someone throws a sentry out front. I either instantly quit or end up kicking the player who did it lol.

Ugh talking about it brings up bad memories. aaaaaahhhhh sentries … fake wings everywhere ahhhhhh

I need to take a walk lol.

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Lmao! Why all the hate?
As if 50 sentries in one map ain’t enough reason to hate and the cherry on top is some players don’t care to even fix/repair them :rofl::rofl::rofl: they just keep buying like there’s no tomorrow :joy::joy::joy:

There are some really stupid engineers I have seen who purchase a sentry right off the bat when the game starts. Probably for the reason above or they don’t have enough experience in the game.

This is the correct way to play as an engineer.
This is the correct attitude that all players who choose to play as an engineer class in horde must follow.


Just communicate with your team, and do what you need to do. :smirk:

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Flashback to a match with public randoms a while ago. Had three randoms playing meta characters whose gameplan was to buy new mg sentries as soon as they could afford it, then run towards enemy spawn and try to fight and inevitably die. I had mvp 10-11 rounds of a frenzy as Grace :confused:

Didn’t you play Gears of War 4? Some players spams sentries not allowing other players kill, is the same here.

Probably the best strategy in all honesty

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I didn’t spend as much time in horde in Gears 4, but ultimately isn’t the aim of Horde to actually survive? It’s not about who gets the most kills or who deals the most damage, but that everyone makes it out in one piece. At the end of the day everything is split between the team, from power picked up from a kill to overall xp for surviving the horde so getting the most kills or god forbid MVP doesn’t hold the same weight as it does in PVP.

The completion is worthless if you didn’t have fun doing it.

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Ok, I’ll buy that if you place them in “smart ways” then they can be useful. Unfortunately, I’m not experienced enough playing engi to know the best spots for them. What I do know is the barriers + lockers + shock sentries + perked up DPS class combo works even on the most difficult maps like Pahanu, so logic follows it should also apply to easier maps. Further, being somewhat a horde noob who only plays with randoms, I’ve never actually witnessed anyone place them in such a way I felt they were difference-makers rather than power wastes so I that may be fueling my bias against them.

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