Why TC needs to remove all the new A Carmine voice lines

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Good or bad haha, I hate every new line since Gears 4, no disrespect to Mr Gough but he cannot channel the energy he had as a younger man when he did the voice lines for Carmine back in 2006. The new and old simply do not mesh well at all where Carmine from Gears 1 was LOUD, BOLD, and ANGRY while A Carmine’s interpretation by TC from Gears 4 onwards is Ben Carmine without the whining…well maybe a little whining. I also have quite a few qualms with the way certain Carmine’s interact with other characters, IE Anthony calling Marcus “Sgt Fenix” when they were both Pvt’s under Lt Kim’s command, it’s nonsensical IMO.

Marcus was a Sergeant before he went to the slab, I personally dont mind it.

Theres no way you can compare new Anthony and new Ben. New Anthony is at least tolerable.

For me if they dropped SGT and he just said “I got your back Fenix!” while reviving him I could take it but otherwise I’m just not a fan.

New Anthony hurts my soul, I’m waiting for him to say “YOU ARE EVEN UGLIER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD!” or “EAT BOOT!” when curb-stomping someone and I get “oooh pancaked!”

What I find a bit ironic about this whole fiasco is that TC could easily just sell “Classic” skins for characters and use classic voice lines as a selling point in the store where-as “Armored A. Carmine” could be the updated version and still have his interactions with other characters. So everyone is happy.

If you remember, Marcus was demoted back to Private at the beginning of Gears 1 and Anthony died before Marcus got promotoed to Sergeant again. As much as I like to assume Anthony had no knowledge of the demotion, TC more thab likely overlooked that aspect when writing that line specifically. A small nitpick I have.

Anthony looks up to Marcus, it would be totally out of character for him to just address him as “Fenix”.

I’m pretty certain he still says those lines, they are probably just rare.

I dont think they would ever do that, and as someone who advocates for old lines to come back, I feel like I would rather have them just add more old lines in the next installment instead of putting a price on them and making two characters when its completely unnecessary to do so.

I know, but Marcus was a Sergeant for that time up until he got demoted. Anthony’s a history buff, and I feel like he still addresses Marcus as a Sergeant due to his personal connection to him. Marcus is his hero after all.

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You lnow that kind of reminds me.

-Anthony has extensive knowledge of COG history. Gets shot in the head at the place named after the COG’s founder Nassar Embry.
-Ben wanders if he’ll see the surface again. Dies inside the rift worm.
-Gary rejects the COG so he goes outsider. Gets killed by the COG.
-Lizzie is an expert on vehicles. Dies in one.

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I never thought about that before :pensive:

Makes me cry for Ben more. Too bad I’ve sworn off playing TC Ben until they give him most of his old lines back (even though most of his lines were Anthony’s :sob:).


i mean in most gears like 3 they both share the same lines pretty much too my friend!

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