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Why still haven't a kick player out function

the people who come in and afk or ruin 2 hours whole game. Is it too hard to add this function?

I would think they have not added this feature because it just gets abused too easily. Having an AFKer sucks but it’s still better than having trolls kick you when you’re about to reach wave 50. Online gaming is too… well, I’m not sure what the correct term to use is but chances are people would abuse the hell out of a kick feature if one existed. Rather not have it.


No need to let only the host kick. A easy vote function would be best.


I’ve seen a few people argumenting the “abuse possibility”, but that only means nothing will change and freeloaders and trolls will keep doing the same.

Is it so wrong to have the option to get rid of people ruining the game for the rest of the team? A bot in Horde trying to revive you is better than the idle player sitting in the corner moving the stick once every 5 minutes.

A simple vote that requires the rest of the team to agree is fair. Diablo 3 uses this and it works fine.

My response was more in light of the OP not specifying if they want a host kick or vote to kick feature. The title would make you think they want a kick feature for the host and not vote to kick. The latter of which would be a better system.

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And you should be able to vote kick the host, just based on the number of lobbies I’ve joined to find the host is unfortunately AFK.

They need host migration like Horde in Gears 3

Even a vote to kick would be a nuisance tbh. Way too many trolls in the gaming community. But at the same time I can definitely see why people would want it implemented.

Yeah vote to kick would be just as bad.

What happens is, one person selects person to kick, then others automatically join in and kick said person. Without even using their brain and thinking, why are we kicking them. They just follow them off the bridge.

It reminds of the forfeit option on Rocket League, games starts, go two nil down within a minute and someone on my team then wants to forfeit and the other person votes to quit too. Even though there is plenty of time left to comeback, I don’t vote, so they cant forfeit. They do normally end up quitting though, which is just pathetically dumb… since I’ve had people quit and still won the game.

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Please add vote to kick or host kick thanks

@III_Essence I never said that a vote to kick system would be ideal or even perfect… just that it would be… slightly better than giving more god powers to the host. I’d still prefer we didn’t have to deal with it and instead sitting idle in one spot for too long either kicked players, if they don’t do say, a certain amount of damage and/or revives per wave for a certain amount of time/waves(though this would have to be carefully considered to not have players who are unable to contribute much but not actually AFK be kicked out for “inactivity”) .

I did have an useful suggestion given to me for Custom matches to avoid trolls(or a certain player) joining your Horde matches there by just setting up the lobby to no longer be publicly visible once you start and search for people on LFG if you have dropouts, or invite those who drop out back in(the cases where players deliberately quit in Custom appear to be rare, though).

We need a proper ‘vote to start match’ first. It’s p bad trying to get a full group while solo queing

Totally. It’s no use joining a lobby where the “host” is just idle, presumably not paying attention to their screen as they were waiting for players to join. If you could at least have the option to force it to start, it would be helpful.

Well it’s not perfect but sometimes the game starts with just one or two of us lol

Custom matches allow you to avoid starting with one or two players… or let more players join in later if you don’t start with a full group of them. But sometimes hosts there just sit in the lobby, idle, not starting it even if it’s full. Which is where a feature to start the match if the majority of players was ready would be handy. Or just something to let the host know to start the damn thing instead of having 3-4 other players just sitting there waiting.

i suppose another, better option then could be for the matchmaking to simply not start the game until there’s five players :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s also a thing to consider. But I hadn’t focused on that aspect myself, which is what I’d wanted to clear up.

Perhaps at the end of every boss wave the system should prompt if you want to keep/kick players. It would possibly prevent impulsivity and mob mentality if it was the system that initiated the procedure at regular intervals and not a player any time they wanted.

The thing is there doesn’t seem to be an “ideal” approach, but players who join to troll are more and more prevalent with this game when you have tour objectives and totem challenges that require completing horde waves. And it’s good to brainstorm ideas to help that issue.

If no kick player available, at least auto-kick idle players. This is a major problem

it’s becoming a problem in custom lobbies. if you’re not using “looking for group” with mics, good freaking luck.