Why speed increased?

The whole game needs to be dialed back up to where gears 4 left off. Remove the stupid delays on everything and increase the speed on everything to where it was in gears 4.

Also gears 4 wasn’t even as fast as gears 3. That’s the problem with gears 5 too noob friendly so everything is slower which is bad for gears.

If you think this game is too fast now then lol “lol”

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No kidding…

MY strafe and wiggle feel faster. My slides still feel slow.

You completely missed my point “lol”.

The increase broke the game because EVERYTHING was built around the launch speed. Including weapon balancing. Now slides are fast but strafing is slow, delays make it feel clunky

get rid of the delays.

This is what I have compiled from multiple comments by myself and others.

Here is other stuff that I agree with that I thought was well put.

It doesn’t matter: the speed update unbalanced mp because the guns were balanced around the old movement. Just hit up A and destroy everyone now, it’s a slide fest that’s trash

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Ok, some of you old timers who loves Gears 2, please explain this to me:

How is giving someone incredibly powerful weapons (gnasher whose gib range extends around 10m and lancer which downs you before you can charge up am embar or torgue), cranking up aim assist to insane levels, AND slowing down the movement to a crawl "balancing " movement and weapons?? Seriously, please, a genuine question - explain that to me…

This balance, to ME, seems geared at making it trivial to kill people, regardless how they move, where they move, what they do. This was “I see you, so I kill you, and there is nothing you can do about it” attitude. There are no way to slide out of the way, there was no way to roll out of the way, the movement speed and the animations were so painfully slow it was a joke trying to use them to out move your opponent.

So what extract do you people want? You want slow movement? Fine! Reduce the gib range, reduce lancer’s power, cap sensitivities at 10 and aim acceleration at 4… Then a slow movement might work…


Please provide a single proof of that statement. I think too many people extrapolate their own personal preferences onto the “most fans” group…

If that was true then launch gears 5 would have been insanely popular and TC would have never tried to tweak it. The reason they are doing it because most people HATED IT, even if SOME loved it. And pleasing the majority is much more important than careting to the minority.

Pot, meet kettle.

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Uhm, no, my comments were based on:

  1. What I saw on the forums

  2. What I saw on twitter

  3. What I saw on twitch

  4. What I saw on reddit

  5. What I heard from my friends, and yes

6… What I thought myself.

What was HIS statement based on, beyond his version of (6)

I’m not saying either your or his statements is right or wrong. However, when talking about the forums, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, and those in your social circle, you are dealing with observations that (1) are small; maybe a thousand or so people actively engaged in Gears discussion on these platforms out of 3 million+ who played Gears 5, (2) more importantly, are unrepresentative of those 3 million+, and (3) have not been measured or counted in systematic fashion to determine what actual sentiment is even within this small, unrepresentative group.

So no, I wouldn’t say this is a sound basis on which to draw inference regarding what “most fans” want.

Lol, ok,fair enough, how about “the overwhelming majority of those who chose to express their opinion in some public forum?” Is that more accurate?

Sure, those don’t reflect perfectly EVERYONE playing the game. Neither does the few thousand 5 star reviews on MS Store website but there it is pushed as an indication of the game’s reception :wink:

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I have a video of dude abusing the wallbounce and landing shots behind him while sliding. It seems to me the speed increase is part of the cause of things like this and a lot of people are taking advantage of how it’s breaking some of the mechanics in the game. I understand everybody can learn to do some of these moves but it goes against the basic functions that are fundamental to how the game is played. Making the game easier for people to break instead of fixing it is not helping the game at the end of the day.

I wouldn’t say that wall bouncers are necessarily “abusing” anything, but you’re correct that increasing the speed of the game has dramatically increased the occurrence of the weird behavior you’re describing.

Close-quarters Gnasher battles in GOW are decided by actions that occur over fractions of a second, and server latency is often multiple times higher than this. Whenever this is the case, somebody is going to die before his opponents’ actions are visually reflected in his own game. Hypercharging movement and giving Mario Kart boosts to up-A’s has badly exacerbated the frequency of this type of death. At this point, the game is less like a fight between two players existing on the same map than two separate fights going on in separate planes of existence on each player’s screen.

Yesh, I don’t know anything about the upA boost, I don’t really upA all that much, but it sounds like a broken mechanic, like that melee speed boost. Get rid of both…

I don’t wall bounce, and I am annoyed as F that raw, base movement animation speeds are being nerfed into uselessless all in the name of fighting abusing wall bouncing. I love fast, crisp movement, where I can use rolling or sliding out of the way as part of combat… we are getting there, but as long as the movement speed is far below rotational speed, movement, by definition, can’t be used effectively : if it is trivial to track someone during a slide/roll, then sliding/rolling is useless.

I don’t know what the solution is. Maybe put a little cooldown after wall cancel before you can do another SLIDE? I say Slide, not any movement… nothing wrong with sliding, cancelling, and going into a roll, and then shooting…

Trying to combat “spamming hyper bouncing” in a way which absolutely kills the thing which makes gears versus unique (crisp, fast, addictive movement options) is the biggest reason I hate on this game every chance I get. That and the stupid levels of aim assist (I play with aim assist “off” and that is what ranked Gears should be like).

If those two issues are addressed in a way that I feel they should be (yes, it’s all subjective/personal) I would, likely, very quickly fall in love with this game (like I did with gow4)

I don’t think the bounce is as broken as the speed associated with it and the up A are. It’s causing super odd outcomes in gnasher battles as well as animations that are fully being ignored causing different reactions from opponents. I wish I could figure out how to load this clip. It shows a guy non stop sliding on my side at least.

I like the idea of a cool down or something to slow the bounce to a point. I wouldn’t mind seeing a speed reduction from bounce to bounce. Some of these players are flying across the map using the bounce and sliding crazy distance.

Maybe an escalating cooldown, so you can do 1-2 slides very quickly but the more you chain then the bigger the cooldown/speed reduction.

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Rather than a cooldown, I’d prefer just getting rid of wall canceling all together so that you’d have to actually complete the slide before bouncing. Absent that, a less drastic step might be to make canceling possible only once you’ve completed most of the slide and are within a certain proximity of the wall.

Well, locking people into a slow, predictable animation which they cannot break out of is a death sentence, you might as well remove sliding from the game completely at that point (yeah, yeah, I know some gears game 13+ years ago didn’t have wall slide cancel, times change)

It feels like the suggestions are still sledgehammer approaches, not targeted at the specific problem (cutting off the head to prevent a headache).

There is nothing wrong with sliding, there is nothing wrong with chaining movements to outplay your opponent, people are complaining about a very specific application of that. So if we agree that’s a problem (personally I never saw hyperbouncing as a problem, I had plenty of gow4 videos chainsawing hyperbouncers) then suggest something to prevent THAT specific thing… not shackle movement as a whole…