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Why speed increased?

The speed of the “run” was good, why you increased the speed? Is unaccettable the new problem of the wall in all maps, the shot pass in the wall is amazing, wake up TC.

Speed increase is for the better.


I’ve only played 2 games so far, so I can barely notice any of the movement changes. For anyone that has played multiple games are the changes actually noticeable?

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I definitely like it! Gameplay feels much smoother now.

How speed increase

I was going to make a joke about how but I better not risk it :eyes:

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Who speed increase

I don’t believe they increased the speed of the run, they made the acceleration faster - so it takes less time to go from standing to running… that’s what I heard them say.

This was done to help people who were doing roadie strafing… I don’t do that, so I don’t know if it’s good/bad/useful/etc…

I want the sliding speed to be like it was in GoW4, then we can talk… being able to slide out of the way of a shot was great, and in G5 that just doesn’t work. The movement is so slow, so obvious, it’s trivial to kill someone trying to do it.


They over did if. It needs dialed back a bit z

This game isn’t even as fast as gears 4 lol

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And? This gears was built around the slower pace so now everything feels off. They need to dial it back or make further adjustments. Strafing is slow and clunky but they sped up the wall bounce.

So now there’s more work to do “lol”

The whole game needs to be dialed back up to where gears 4 left off. Remove the stupid delays on everything and increase the speed on everything to where it was in gears 4.

Also gears 4 wasn’t even as fast as gears 3. That’s the problem with gears 5 too noob friendly so everything is slower which is bad for gears.

If you think this game is too fast now then lol “lol”

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No kidding…

MY strafe and wiggle feel faster. My slides still feel slow.

You completely missed my point “lol”.

The increase broke the game because EVERYTHING was built around the launch speed. Including weapon balancing. Now slides are fast but strafing is slow, delays make it feel clunky

get rid of the delays.

This is what I think on all of this mess. It isn’t as simple as fast vs slow.

First, this is what I posted on another thread.

Here is other stuff that I agree with that I thought was well put.