Why Sofia Hendrick Won't Be In Further GoW Games

A Year ago I made a forum called “Is Sofia Hendrick Dead?” and after doing research and seeing forums with a headline “Sofia Hendrick in Gears 5” I found out why Sofia wont be in a further Gears game.

7 Years ago we found out Sofia was taken, but we didn’t know who. Some of us thought is was Stranded from ruining their homes, and CoG for disobeying orders. Sofia was taken by Stranded, and I said this on my last forum on her, but this time I have evidence. Sofia was taken by Stranded and I know this cause the CoG would’ve thrown her into Prison, somewhat like Marcus, who was sentenced 40 years in Jacinto Maximum for his actions in The Battle of Ephyra. But if the CoG did something else to Sofia, wouldn’t they have done it to Baird, Cole, and Paduk too? She wasn’t the only one disobeying orders. So I have the feeling that the Stranded are either torturing Sofia, or using her as their servant.

Further Evidence
I did more research and found out what the Stranded did to Sofia. This may not be fully correct, but I have some evidence for this statement. Sofia is working as a servant for the Stranded, and heres my evidence. The Stranded removed Sofia CoG tags, but why? Well Stranded don’t like the CoG symbol, it reminds them of what ruined their homes. And besides, Stranded don’t wear CoG tags. Now this may not be fully true, but I broke it down and this is what it has come to, Sofia is being a servant for the Stranded, we haven’t seen the stranded in 12 years so there is a chance we’ll never see her. If she does make an apperance she’ll be happy to see her old friends.

I hope you liked this forum, it took me a while to think of this. Tell me what you think in the comments and i’ll see your comments in the next one!

She will still be in Multiplayer if anything so don’t worry :blush:

That’s true :smiley:

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