Why so toxic in this community?

Like playing gears all you get is “ez” along with other trash talk. If someone’s not that good at the game some people don’t give advice and just say they suck. and even on the forums wtf man. I know this is in everygame but i feel like its worse in gears. smh stop killing the community with negativity


Some forum guide lines to go by.

  1. Create a thread
  2. Finish thread and post
  3. Sit back and watch the entire Gears community rip into it.
  4. Expect toxic members to stop by.
  5. Re-evaluate life choices which lead you here.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

Also if you do come across a “Toxic” member of the forums try not engage. This is what feeds them.




First, don’t believe anything you read or hear. Evaluate the situation and take it however you want. You need to have a kevlar vest in life otherwise you will victimize yourself and are not deflecting simple words. If someone tells you that you are an elephant. And you know you are a human don’t believe that person and ignore that person.

If someone does not want to help you nor guide you to it. Why are you taking it personal… Ask someone else for help. Bump the thread or search information somewhere else.

Complaining about toxicity and showing a PrintScreen outing someone with name, gamer tag, nickname for what you personally think is toxic. Is in it self pretty Toxic behavior. It’s like being a child joining some other children playing. And when you don’t like what the other children are doing you are calling for your mom to come and punish their behavior.

That litva rican is a toolbag to begin with.

I think the nature of forums will tend to bring out complainers, malcontents and trolls. It’s a place where they can actually be heard. And many gears players never bother to post on the forums so only the most vocal in the community are the ones giving the feedback. Some of the vocal members are toxic unfortunately. And I never bother engaging .

Constructive criticism and feedback is good and we should speak out about the game when something can be made better. I’ve seen plenty of threads that just dump on the game and TC and I don’t think TC pays much attention to those folks. If something is wrong, a good post will explain it precisely , along with some ideas for how to fix it. And will leave out the emotion and insults!

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Peace between all Gears & while playing Gears of War never forget to have fun.

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The vast majority of people here are actually relatively decent. There are only a handful that are a bit on the touchy side, the person you engaged with being one of them. I’ve had my rows with him as well. You can usually troll those people quite nicely, or just ignore them. Complaining about their toxicity tends to encourage them. Don’t let it get to you


Just put them in their place it’ll make them stop, with the Ez online it’s just the culture of gears it always has been since gears 1 but don’t take it personally it’s just competitive and a bit of fun, if your struggling and need help just keep playing social and you’ll get there and then go back on ranked and show them how it’s done

Love how they can be toxic behind a computer screen but in person they are the nicest person in the world to you.


The thing that really bugs me, and I don’t think it’s intentional and done deliberately (although there is probably a minority who do this deliberately), is where people read something you say which they disagree with, completely misunderstand the more subtle and nuanced bits and basically misrepresent what you said and meant, and then jump to the conclusion that because you said A, you mean C, when in actual fact you meant B.

Like I said, I don’t think it’s done with the intention of being toxic. It’s more a reflection of them being very rash and not reading properly.

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Why so EZ?

How many have you met in person?

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Honestly you responded as toxic or more than than the other guy.

Not sure why you created the thread other than thin skin.

I do it intentionally


That’s great that you can admit to unintentionally doing this. It’s an easy thing to do.

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Laugh out loud that was a year ago. I’m a reformed person now

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