WHY SO...SERIOUS 5.0 Chapter 1?

:heavy_check_mark: Complete Campaign on Insane
:heavy_check_mark: Reach General in Tour of Duty
:heavy_check_mark: Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps + Characters
:heavy_check_mark: Get 20 Re-Ups

When ? How long ? Double or more XP boost ?

in Gears 5… that is why its called 5.0

Yes, but I believe his point was “Chapter 1”.

I think they’re going to have other challenges to do later on with DLC maps but I don’t think anything has been made official as of yet.

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The sentence “Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps + Characters” worries me. It indicates that the rumours about specific characters to specific classes in Horde might be true.

A few Horde achievements pretty much confirm this is the case.



For the Grove!

Great pic.

I’m guessing it’d be doable in a month or few, so shouldn’t take too long. It doesn’t tell you to get all Ribbons which makes it easier. Escalation Ribbons sucked anyway and not easy to get.

You know , this kind of graphics are the exact reason why I think this game needs a Heavy Metal soundtrack.
Look at the skulls , they reflect friggin lightnings!
I’m literally craving to slay some grubs blasting some Annihilator in 5.
Time to get Serious.


I’d imagine it will be similar to Gears 4 Seriously, except it will be with Escape. And not getting all the ribbons, which is a plus, getting Ole and reviving all 4 teammates in WZ/Exe was a pain.

Glad that achievement hasn’t gone into 5.

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I remember Cliffy B saying he didn’t want a bunch of skulls all over the game because it’s a cheesy overdone design element so he was hesitant even with the omen.

Fast forward to TC taking the helm and PUT IN ALL THE SKULLS. ALL SKULLS ALL THE TIME.
Surprised one of the guns isn’t just a skull that shoots. hmmm…

Gears6: Sawed off skull gun. Each eye is a barrel.

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Reaching Reup-20 in a month? I know there are fans out there but if it is even remotely close to the XP required in G4, then you’ll be spending a lot of $$$ on boosts.

It does seem easier than 4.0, (no versus ribbons) it will just take more time.

Grind starts one more time. Hoping to get first Seriously Chapter 1 achievement by 6 month mark.
There is a big probability for up to 10 Seriously chapters, meaning 10 seriously achievements.
Just my two cents.

It won’t be. As we’ve seen in the Tech Test, Re-up 0 will be 1,000XP every level. So during Re-up, every level will be a little bit more, maybe 1,100XP. The devs have said this much already (albeit without the numbers), so do not expect Re-ups 11-20 to be ginormous compared to the previous ones.

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Since gears of war is not the same as we used to know in terms of brutality, atmosphere and gore and everythings toned down so much i could not think of any great metal band to be part of the current gears 5 theme i mean not those mainstream metal bands everybody know’s about, if gears 5 had the same mysterious horror theme like the first one , i would recommend collaboration with meshuggah even 99.999 of people could not handle this type of music but this is going to be right choice , but sadly their music is not fit the current state of gears of war theme.

this is always for me the gears of war 1 theme , when you hear all those djenty polyrhythmics riffs it sounds like marcus chainsaw through the guts of locusts.

I’d rather they just stick to the orchestral score, but when the action ramps up let Mick Gordon take over the scoring. His music made the modern DOOM and since he was using a 9string it has that Meshuggah sound.

Using contemporary bands in movies has always annoyed me and gears had a cinematic feel so the feeling extends. (even if I liked the band)


  • Thrashin’: Skateboarding movie starring Thanos which has a random Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in the middle of it.
  • The Crow: Thrill Kill Kult is on stage playing at a club during a fight sequence (made more sense than most movies since it WAS a music centered film)
  • The Crow 2: The Deftones just happen to be playing a concert in the middle of a Day of the Dead parade toward the end of the film.
  • Rat Race: Fairly solid slapstick comedy and then the last 10 minutes of the film is a f***ing Smashmouth concert. Ruins everything.
  • Sex Drive: Mediocre comedy that ends in a f***ing Fallout Boy concert…

Those are just the ones I can remember right now.

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well ofcourse orchestra with choir always the first choice for gears and nothing could ever take that place , in history of video games I could name a few very very historic collaboration like halo 2 music with steve vai back in 2003 or God of war 3 with Dream theater I mean those guys are on top of the pyramid they don’t do this stuff usually and they are not accessible and they are so picky, the reason I said what band should be part of the game because xbox and gears marketing lead asked about what’s our favorite metal band in her tweet so i assumed they wanna going to same route as call of duty marketing and bring famous metal band in to their game like avenged sevenfold , well this type of marketing is not unfamiliar with gears brand like what they did with gears of war 4 and bring 2 unknown rapper!! , even worse they used the cringy music for their E3 Escape trailer and gears 5 multiplayer trailer and I was like what the hell they were thinking? So far I didn’t hear anything special or even decent from gears in hands of coalition , If they want do much better than call of duty they should collab with bands like Periphery , trivium …

Anyway mick Gordon is a good composer in his own league , but If I was the guy to choose between the composers I would let ramin djawadi go and pick junkie XL instead and imean asap.

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Tenacious D was in the beginning of Biodome.

Look , I’m sorry to disappoint you , but I’m not that kind of metalhead , and to be honest not really into Meshuggah.

I strongly believe that ‘mainstream’ Metal is the best to appeal the big masses but also to fit into a badass gunfight.
Even normies couldn’t say no to some classic Motorhead rock n’roll , or cool Pantera’s riffs or some old School ACDC Pumping.
I know , I’m being ‘too mainstream’ here , but I realize that Metal is not everyone’s Cup of tea , the simpler the stuff , the better the feedback on people , that’s why I suggested Annihilator , but It could perfecly be Megadeth , Priest , Accept , Scorpions , Anthrax , Manowar , there’s plenty of “grub-stompin party” stuff out there.
I’m just gonna leave this here …

Damn, I’ve always got my rap on playing Gears.