Why smaller pics of map are different! Look

Look at asylum both pics small and large. Why do the small pics have things like the lamp post on the right and only 1 moon but the larger picture of the map doesn’t have the lamp and has both moons. It’s like after the smaller pic they altered the map. Check it out. First pic is smaller check out the lamp post in the picture and only 1 moon. Then look at the larger pic of the map.

Now the second pic.


There’s this thing called–development. As the game is developed small details are changed or altered, it’s possible nobody at TC caught this as they probably have 300 images related to Asylum floating around.

Ya maybe but same for bunker there are things in the smaller map that’s not in the larger image . But the map is always what the big picture shows. Just seen it and thought it was interesting. Guess it’s like a ocd thing lol that it’s the same pic for 1 map in the same shot but one is accurate and one is like a older version before they removed stuff.

The lamp has a photo phobia okay it’s not his fault

Lol look at bunker left pillar holding up the building


its broken in the other picture that’s weird

This is a little bit of



So in other words… the pillar couldn’t support the weight

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Better question why same map and same picture but 2 different versions of the map

I dunno, the thumbnail was probably taken when the map was still being worked on and they forgot to put a more recent picture there

Ya most likely. My ocd dam it hahaha

An even better question is, why did you make 2 posts about this?

I had one with the pics I meant to delete the other one