Why slow down the speed on wall bouncing?

Played a couple of games and noticed that wall bouncing speed is super slow. It feels like I am playing GOW 2. Is this a mistake from TC or TC actually wanted wall bouncing that slow. Made the game boring and does not bring a lot of excitement in matches.


It really does feel like that.

Noobs actually have a chance against me as before they had no chance because I’d bounce 360 gnasher them.

Still getting used to whatever changes they made, could be another reason.

I always play like garbage when they change the tunings but i get used to it eventually.

It’s really annoying though.

I absolutely hate they can’t man up & stick to whatever it is they’re trying to do.

Like just say “no” sometimes to stupid ideas.

But they just let anyone with a platform string them along.


It’s a pre-mistake, yet to be released properly.


I don’t care about the sliding speed, what they have to fix is the wrap around shot (around covers).
All the wall bounce stuff is ridiculous imo, people feel pro using it but the real difficulty there is the sponge they become using it. I think that’s why they are slowing it down.


Whether you wall bounce or not it’s just far too slow on the devs playlist, there’s unnecessary delays in shooting, throwing Grenades the lot

Not for me

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Bouncing doesn’t equal a sponge. I’d disagree.

Sponging is all about connection.

I’ve bounced a 80 ping player & all he did was bot walk me & kill me 3x. So from that point on I just pop shotted that player.

Nobody thinks they’re pro bouncing, if you can bounce then bounce.

Why wouldn’t you use an asset if you could use it to wipe the competition?

& it takes degree of skill to bounce with accuracy. It’s very hard to do.

Shouldn’t knock on wall bouncers because it takes years to develop a great bounce.


I don’t know, dude, seriously. This is not the game I was in love with.

I recently asked some of the streamers how they feel about the new tuning.
They say: Man, this is cool (I look at their game, and they do “bot wolker”).
They say: You don’t understand, the game has become super tactical and the skill gap has increased 100 times (I look and they still do “bot walker”).
They say: Now the game has become very fun (I keep looking at the “bot walker” style).

It seems to me that some players who like it are in a state of surging nostolgia. Old map from GOW2. New map in thr style of GOW2. New characters from GOW2. New music on the menu. You know what I mean. When I watch films that seemed cool to me as a child, I often come to the opposite opinion.

But the incompetence of the TС cannot be underestimated.



Sorry I like fort gears. I like my gears to feel like gears and this is what these new tunings are bringing it back to.


You like having less choice on how to play?


What less options


When you take away movement, all that leaves you with is positioning and hitting your shots, which is already there. Slowing down the movement speed just takes away from the game.

This isnt 2008 anymore. Meaning that players have gotten better. They know how to hit their shots and move. This is called a meta. People claim to be veterans and be like “i was so good back in my day” but people sucked back then. Everyone is better now.

We need movement that is suited to the ever growing meta.


If they really wanted to fix the game, the main thing they have to do with is the shooting assistance, they should lower it because with it and the ups to the enveloping shots are easy shots that do not require much skill other than spamming every corner you find, the “veterans” They talk and talk about the essence of gears but I don’t hear anyone talking about the camera at the start of a career with a character moving from top to bottom, making wallbonce is quite easy because it can be done even with the analogy of walking, the problem is not the speed of the wallbonce the problem was that they made a game so easy that now the one who moves does not need aim because the game aims for him, and the same with some who only come running and release the shot in a crude way that results in a 80% of the time in a death


but since gears is in the hands of tc you don’t need skill to make wallbonce and less in gears 5 and I’ve seen people who don’t play with claw make better wallbonce than me and that which I learned in 3 in 3 you had to see well the walls and be precise to make wallbonce here and after the fact the game aims for one and if it is horrible one moving to dodge the shots and an idiot arrives taking 3 steps enough for the assistance to do everything and blow you up with a single shot

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I’m for a tiny bit slower more methodical gameplay sure or atleast trying something like that out, but the dev playlist tunings go alittle too far into the snail pace territory,

All I know is that these changes need not be in the regular modes. Get that garbage outta here.


Maybe they slow it down to give noobs a chance…Lame I kno.


It’s definitely not “more tactical” at all. My friend who always got frustrated with versus loves the new tuning because everyone’s slow enough for him to hit.

He struggled with the Bounce+Gnasher meta and now that it’s a botwalk paradise he’s doing really well.

He’s really good at Fortnite so I’ll let you guys put 2+2 together


same. every update just hits me like a train, more so because it is just super annoying to be going back and forth.

they literally said they would work on removing ALL delays and now we get this. i understand the reasoning for their changes, but that doesn’t mean i have to agree with them.

i still see so many people who would not get off gears 4, literally all freaking day playing koth, tdm or guardian, that don’t play at all anymore.

all these limitations in playlists and new changes and whatnot are to give us an illusion of a population, it gives us that stir the pot effect. In reality, we know this isn’t a healthier community than 4’s.


yes, i dont know why people act like positioning and hitting shots NOW matter, when they have mattered all along. i understand and agree with the removal/nerfing of certain ridiculous things but this update definitely takes away an entire dynamic.

in this thread, A pro who wants to help things improve. Hear me out?(PVP thread), there’s talk about viable play styles and i do not believe the new tuning gives us that.

@TC_Sera @TC_Jim @Surly_McGruff

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I played UE & I had more fun in 1 game than my whole day playing 5…

It’s a completely different mechanic but I needed that change today…

All hail fort gears…