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Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(ValkerieEffect) #161

The whole ranking system is so broken it’s absolutely beyond imagination that something this simple isn’t figured out by now. Straight up performance should factor in much higher than wins. Pathetic they don’t do this already and these guys are a total embarrassment.


Sorry Coalition , i’m so sickn tired this ■■■■■■■■ ranking system , this should be Objective based ranking that would teach these campers to play example Koth better , if we lose game becouse one random teammate wont came and cap a ring and all others have 20 caps and 11 breaks , this ranking system wont work :wink:

(Al Bundy 33hero) #163

I thought they had made improvements but I just went down 3% after an MVP loss where I went 13-9. Come on TC, this isn’t that hard to figure out.

(Chris D Ace) #164

I have played several games that consisted of Diamonds and I was the only onyx and I was several times best player! Do not get up!

(WitchDoctor owo) #165

I think something has changed I mean, in season 2 to 4 I was diamond. ( D3 D2 and D3) playing koth (I don’t play other ) on season 5 I get onyx 3 so it’s ok… I didn’t play too much maybe 10 or 15 hours in the entire season, but when I ranked in season 6 they give me Silver 3 … But I’m stuck on onyx 2 I have been playing too much I didn’t lose too much either, I played like 50 or 60 and win 45, I’m stuck on onyx2 70% for a week.

(Ctoriez) #166

Personally, I think wins should hold some value to your rank… I don’t think you winning should be top priority though I do think it should have an impact on your overall ranking, it’s silly to think that one could get to diamond 5 while losing 50% or more of their matches/games. I think the ranking system works quite well, it’s the matchmaking system I have an issue with, for example, there’s a few playlists I’m still bronze/silver, gold, ect yet when I play games I’m constantly matched vs Onxy, and Diamond players… There was one game (TDM) where I was vs a D5 player, yet I was only Onyx 1… One of us should have been placed into a different game… I’m still kinda new to the ranked season, and I’m just coming back to gears so I’m still trying to learn how this makes sense…

Edit: I’ve yet to encounter this issue of being rank locked, from my experience the ranking systems works as intended. Though I have noticed some of the other issues, such as stats not updating properly, and so on, for example, I was running dodgeball since I was still a bronze player, and once I hit silver 2, I didnt noticed a stat change until I was silver 3, it simply stayed at 33.33% until next thing I knew, I was silver 3.

(RedDoog888) #167

HI Gears Players,

Great post. I just want to politely comment on a few things from a bronze player to at best silver 3 player perspective. I will never hit gold and onyx its a pipe dream. Given my age (OLD yes i said it) eyes and reflects it just no feasible for me to think about anything beyond silver.

Now here my input. I think most if not all gears core or competitive are team based. If you make it just about personal performance and K/D ratio all the bronze players might as well just quit now. plus you reward the ping issue even more. Bronx and silver do provide support and crossing which when a slayer in the KOTH circle his kill count goes up with support.

Currently as a bronze 3 in solo i barley rank up, when i am on a team and help with downs ring cap and break crossing i get to rank up based on what i can do. I also think if you wait the community at 2 high of ranks then the maybe that hurts the lower levels.

I do hear what your saying i had 2 quit last night and one hid and just move enough to not idel so his KD was not effected. I had one of the best games of my life and please do not laugh but i had 40 kills in a 3v5 and yes we lost and i did not rank up. I get its upsetting.

I do think quitters should get impacted on there rank beyond suspension.

at the end of the day for me the increased ranking is to get reward. i be happy at bronze if I could just hold my own to help the team. My onxy and D pals never get made at me cause my kills are in the teens and on occasion high 20’s.

All i ask is fix the ping issue. the team i play last night all 238 and they are bronze and silver and gold with tons of kills . thy where landing one shot kills at 20 ft away.

At best since we are all about positive reinforcement is do not de rank on a loss. give them something.

(Kyuubi El Jorge) #171

I agree with this as well. I have always tried to play the objective for whatever game type and often run into players that are either idle or quit and we are left 5v4 (or even 5v3) which makes it difficult to win and then I suffer for it cause we lose even though I get MVP. Granted that wins and loses should add to your ranking but it shouldn’t affect the ranking as much as it does. It should rely more on your K/D and individual points from the objective. I’ll give you an example: I was playing KOTH and we had 2 of our teammates that were idle yet I kept breaking the other teams hill and killing them more often than I was getting killed. I was basically trying to carry the team with the help of the other 2 randoms that were actually playing and it was a very close game but at the end we lost. I lose points because of the loss even though I got MVP and had a positive K/D with tons of breaks and caps (didn’t have the most caps but I think I was tied for 3rd). The loss outweighed the individual performance which was the best in the lobby. That doesn’t make sense if this is an individual ranking…

(Krylon Blue) #178

The more likely answer is that he’s now a part of the Bronze brigade.


@Krylon_Blue @III_EnVii_III
Diamonds are overrated. Onyx is where it’s at

(III EnVii III) #184

Agreed, that’s all I’m getting this season anyway :+1:

(Krylon Blue) #185

Lol, that lag is killing ya when you finally find a match, eh?

(III EnVii III) #187

Finding a match is a whole new challenge :joy:


What are you still doing up?:rofl:
Isn’t past your bedtime lol

(III EnVii III) #189

I’m going sleep now :upside_down_face:

(BetaX2r) #196

@III_EnVii_III Out of curiousity, did you earn your Diamond ranks as a solo player, a stacked player or a mix of both?

(BetaX2r) #197

Onyx 2, especially as a solo player, is a solid rank. Nothing to be ashamed about there. Considering solo players are often put against stacks, the hill they have to climb is much harder.

(III EnVii III) #198

My KOTH Diamond was mostly solo, I wouldn’t gain anything with my stack as everyone is already D1-D5 so naturally the way the system works, I wasn’t afforded any % until I got my Diamond myself.

Playing Solo and going just as good meant that my Rank Percentage was climbing dramatically as the system brought my rank closer to my Skill Level, faster than ever before and this skyrocketed my Rank.

It is known that playing with high ranking players will stop you gaining percentage - even if you do well.

Playing with Low Ranking players has the complete opposite effect if you can dominate games.

Once I did get my Diamond however, I got to D3 pretty quickly and didn’t have time to progress any further as the season reset.

Now however, I can’t get matches because of the new MM so I can’t test myself in this. If I could get games, I’d easily have Diamond by now in KOTH & 2v2 - even in TDM which I’m now forced to play.

Tbh - the ride to Diamond and trying to push for Diamond is more than actually getting and having Diamond. I like to be the underdog and the sense of trying to play for something is better than just playing.

When I got my D5 - I was there as one of the best, but then it felt like that was it, challenge over.

This season, I’m just enjoying Private Match’s and also playing with friends rather than bothering to go for Diamond again - simply because I can’t get the matches and since I’ve had it previously, doesn’t bother me anymore - kind of getting it has taken off the desire to have it as I’ve been there and done it.

(EVIL 0NE) #200

Closing this… Reasons are obvious…

(EVIL 0NE) closed #201