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Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(HMS EL KANO) #121

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(TheBeefInjecter) #122

Surely you’re joking. If it’s an objective based game mode like King of the Hill the best way to position yourself to be MVP is by playing the objective because you get 300 for a cap and 100 for a break. In what world is someone who doesn’t go for the ring at all going to wind up higher on the score board and have more points than someone that did?

Having it based on individual performances motivates more people to play the objective because you’re gonna wanna get as many points as you possibly can as fast as you can. Which translates to more people pushing the objective. Idk what’s so hard to grasp about that.

Having it based solely around how the rest of your team does is idiotic. Even if you play with friends you know it doesn’t make sense. What if they get tired of playing the game? What if your work schedules don’t sync and you can’t play together? What if you have no classes Monday and Wenesday, but your friends do? You may not want to play alone but sometimes you have to because your friends aren’t available. Having to rely on randoms to not quit and play well is dumb.

(xTheAntMan) #123

First off, I’m sure everyone will agree that wins is probably just a small percentage of the rank and definitely not prioritized over individual performance (your score).

So why does it count? I believe their are 16 tiers of rank. To truly separate the class you need to have many differentiating factors. Wins would be one of those. Suppose 2 players have exactly the same stats, but one wins 90% and the other wins 70% - does that mean player 1 is better than player 2? No. But if you have to put them in a rank order, and again ALL other stats being equal, you have to rank player 1 ahead of player 2. It’s as simple as that.

There won’t be much difference between the two, but P1 would be above P2. Just remember now there are tens to hundreds of thousands of players that need to be “sorted” into ranks.

(Omen LP) #124

By focusing on wins this is becoming a team rank… but they pretend it’s an individual rank…

I want my points to be conpared to other players’, together with rank. If I am outscoring higher ranked players I’d expect to move at their expense, even if we lose the game. If I have a crap match and I get outscored by lower ranked players I’d expect them to get sone of my rank,even if we won…

But that feels like just too simple and obvious, so we’ll go with the current “opaque” system…

(Chris D Ace) #125

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I am annoyed for a long time about the rank system. I win 6 games in a row and get 4 MVP after that I lose one but still get the MVP and lose by losing more% than I’ve earned in the 6 games. In addition, the lost game was absolutely unfair, my team consisted of Onyx and Gold players and the other Diamond and Onyx. Every time I reach Onyx3 with over 80% I get unfair matching and lose more than how I earn. An MVP player should be at least +/- 0 out of the game and not -6% although he was the best. I’ve been playing Gears for 6 years now and was one of the best in Gears 3 but if I can not make it to diamond just because of an unfair system I’ll sell my Xbox and Epic can do it.

(iNN xKRaWLeRx) #126

I really hope they hear you out with that I love gears but if gow 5 will have the same issue I will just get a ps4 just like all my actual friends want

(DRGY55) #127

Yah, I remember a while back someone posted a thing that vaguely explained that wins were part of it and individual performance was part of it, but it should be at LEAST 80% individual performance since you only account for 20% of a possible win.

It happens all the time that I win 3-4 games in a row as Onyx 3 and gain like 3% because there are no diamond players on the opposing team and then lose ONE game and go down 10%, despite getting top or second-to-top score in the match, because there was a gold player on the opposing team. It’s super disheartening and makes me want to stop playing; my rank should reflect MY skill, not my luck in getting good teammates :confused:

(Krylon Blue) #128

Believe me there are more reasons than this “unfair” system you speak of. I reached Diamond 3 playing solo while dealing with this same “unfair”system you speak of. An MVP doesn’t necessarily mean you’re playing at a Diamond level so you can throw that reasoning out the window.

(Omen LP) #129

Totally agreed, BUT mvp DOES mean you are outperforming everyone else in the game and if they are higher ranks, that should imply your rank increases …

Seems like you need numerous outstanding games to move up a little, but every single bad game drops you… It’s this asymmetry I hate the most.

(III EnVii III) #130

Doesn’t always mean you are outperforming them. Only means you scored the most points in the game.

(RedNightmare88) #131

Your argument falls apart when AFK players and quitters are taken into account. I have yet to win a match in KOTH (An even more team based game element than Team Deathmatch) When we have had a player go AFK for long periods of the match, or just up and quit. Why should I get punished for quitters. Hell I have even quit out of matches when see one or two of my teammates quit because I know I’m not going to win so I’m just wasting my time. And guess what my percentage goes down even after I quit.

(Turt1e Friend) #132

I’ve had it all happen to me, like most of you. But the more it happens, the more I think about why TC hasn’t addressed this issue and had results. Like I’m glad TC connects with the community enough to give out player made weapon skins and host official tournaments, but like come on. Bad match-ups between ranks (team of 1 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold, 1 onyx), and the pisspoor rank system is by far the most prominent issue in Gears (or from what I’ve seen).

Why hasn’t TC fixed this issue? We have the playerbase (appearantly), so why is it an issue? Like I understand that diamond rank makes up only 1% of all players, but like bronze and silver makes up literally like half of all players, so why am I (Onyx 1) getting put in games with all bronze and silver?

Just makes me wonder what their priorities are. I’d rather have a fixed ranked system than another UIR skin pack

(Public3N3MYv12o) #133

I just played like 7matches lost 2 my tier percentage didn’t go up at all the games we we won and I went positive but the 2 games we lost my percentage went down like why is it so inconsistent please fix this because will not be getting gears 5 if it’s anything like this system

(K2F Ms Raven) #134

the coalition is a joke, you guys come up with a faulty gnasher system the entire life of this game, for the soul purpose making more money off giving new players a chance with weather it be the shotgun register. weather it be the B.S. where i have 7 different countries represented in my game clearly all from where there logo says. 200 ping hits there shots better than a 20 ping, ? your ranking system you lose insta go down you can win 5 ■■■■■■■ matches in a row be top of the match and still not rank up same percentage for over 24 hrs so please enlighten me how you call your selves a good group to have taken over gears, most the real gears players dont even ■■■■ with this ■■■■. and the ones of us who play this crap some how get hopeful gears 5 will be better but all you have shown is your incapable of running this game and a real ranking system. lets be real wins are for pride and stats to show if you go positive and win mvp but your team loses why should you go down? i was onyx still getting paired with bronzes and silvers playing the same. hell over 80 percent of your diamond players were boosted or are just trash. you have better silver and gold players than your entire diamond or onyx how does that work oh yeah that’s right, the real players don’t pull there ether net cords so we get placed normally in your ■■■■■■ system . all your dimonds quit 30 pre ranked matches til they do perfect those few times and land diamond. its a joke. just like your group the coalition lmao

(K2F Ms Raven) #135

you and me have the same problem win 4 matches in a row no percentage move lose one drop 3 percent going positive in all matches even pulling an mvp, a smoothe operator, most ring caps in at least 3 but lose one insta down win 5 nothing even after there so called wait a day response

(Omen LP) #136

Right, not when you control the definition of outperform, and modify it on the fly to make sure your desired conclusion is the result… I forgot :wink:

(III EnVii III) #137

Yeah, exactly :+1:

(MaRCuS FeNiX 03) #138

Little known secret. It’s based on True Skill, which is apparently forced by Microsoft. It seems to be ruining the game experience.

My question is: How did Halo have a much better ranking and matchmaking system?

(III EnVii III) #139

That kill announcer was Awsome.

(Nitewalkar) #140

I almost always play alone. The system as it currently is effectively prevents me from leveling past silver. Unless I were to land the luckiest streak of random team mates, I can almost never make it out of the silver ranking for long.