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Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #101

That makes zero sense. Fighting (putting on damage, working toward objective, etc) earns you points. You’re not going to rank up by sitting back and doing nothing. I’m not sure why you think a player who avoids the hill is actively ranking up.
Who on earth is going to avoid getting points if the want to rank up???

(Fragmented Wolf) #102

The question of this thread is
“Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn’t individual performance determine how good you are?”

This implies that you should be able to lose, but if your score is good enough, You’d suffer no punishment, or even be able to go up in rank.

What I said applies perfectly to this.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #103

The scenarios you laid out do not support the logic. If the highest scoring players rank up, then it motivates people on BOTH sides to try harder to preserve their rank. People who don’t try to accumulate points will de-rank.

If fact, your scenarios only bolster my point. Many times, people on the winning team stop trying because they are being carried to victory. What if those people stand risk of losing rank? What if people on the losing team can at least preserve their current rank by out-performing people on the winning team? They try harder.
Individual performance ranking puts pressure on each player and removes the “getting carried” and “my teammates suck” problems from the ranking system.

I have a feeling you’re not going to let this go so I’ll let you get in the last word. I feel I’ve made my case.

(Fragmented Wolf) #104

And guess how I’d do that?.. By standing on top of power weapons, ignoring the objective completely, and having the sickest KDR in the room because I’d treat everything like it’s TDM. You’re post implies the only way to do well in objective based games is to try your heart out for the objective… And I’m telling you, no, that’s not correct at all.

I’d stand on top of snipe and kill people from across the map, I’d stand on top of grenades and get multi-kills while they were trying to capture, I’d stand on top of dropshot / boomshot… I have ZERO motivation to go for the objective and put myself at risk Because winning in your hypothetical doesn’t matter You know how you get everyone to try their hardest at the objective?

“If you lose, you’re goin’ down”

Nothing’s stronger motivation than that.

(Duffman GB) #105

At OP, totally agree.
I Played 9 games of Hill last night. Lost 7 matches. In those 7 matches we were down by 1 or 2 players in 4 of them and in two matches we had 2 AFK…which wound me up SO much. One was just spinning around gun in the air and the other was just moving his gun at spawn. Reported all players.
Anyway point being I came either first or second in 5 of these games, yet lost a good amount of %, which is not fair. I hate our ranking system.

Titanfall’s is a lot better, it even has a chart at the end of a match which gives you your actual skill compared to other players in the match you just played.

(Aerosix21) #106

Totally, totally agree. It´s not fair that our Rank depends on other players. I understand that you´re evaluating an individual for its capacity to play in teams. But not all gamers play as a team and it´s not fair that you loose in rank because of others…It should be measured individually K/D instead of making the match part of the equation.

(MEME1616) #107

Started on 95,38%. Won 5 in a row. MVp twice. Higher level players on opposing side 4 of 5 matches.

Still on 95,38%. What is wrong with you TC?! How hard can it be to make a working system?!

(MEME1616) #108

If I lose a match i go down instantly!

(S T Y R A N K l) #109

The problem with this way of thinking is that first and foremost, Gears is a team game. And different players take on different play styles. Not everyone is a slayer( at least not all the time ). Support players are just as important. And in Escalation, some players are really good at playing the home rings and taking 1 v 1’s at the enemy’s home hill. And so forth. Gears can be played with so many play styles, and if the ranking system was to solely take into account individual performances, it would have to somehow notice whether you are good at what you do on your team. If you are good at what you do, you’ll win more matches so winning being the main factor only makes sense. However, if you get carried a lot by other players the ranking system shouldn’t be very generous. Honestly, I’ve seen quite a few people who aren’t that good get high ranks because they play in a stacked team of better players.
What I’m getting at is that both win rate and individual performance should count towards your rank, just like it does now. But the system requires tweaking. Also, if it doesn’t already, the system should acknowledge how large of a party you play in. Winning is obviously much easier for players in a party as opposed to solo players, for example.

EDIT: Also, the system should acknowledge how your team mates perform compared to you. It’s frustrating when you lose a match even if you’re mvp of the match or if your team mates just play terribly that match.

It’s tough to come up with the perfect formula for a ranking system. :smiley:


“The ranking system is entirely skill based. You must both win and perform well individually to achieve the highest rank. Your rank indicates your likelihood of contributing to a win. If you beat opponents that are lower skill than you are, you won’t really move up that much, if at all. If you beat opponents that are higher skill, you move up faster. If you don’t win and don’t perform, you won’t rank up, in fact, you may start to move down! “

(x4SmOkex4) #111

because you can que with a team of friends if you wish to eliminate that issue. new to game but that’s a logical reason.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #112

Hardly anyone plays Escalation, simply because of how team-reliant it is, so it’s not the most compelling example.
And, several of the fixes you recommend are things that are already implemented into the system so they don’t work the way you think they might.

I respect your opinion, but when it comes down to it, most people are playing by themselves and the system is entirely unfair to them when they can go MVP and still go down in rank. I am usually with a team so my recommendations are not self-serving. There is no compelling reason why teammates should affect my rank. Or yours.

Edit; apparently I can’t reply to x4smoke4 separately so;
That would make sense if you were a dedicated 5 man stack. Do you think that most people play ranked as a dedicated team? They don’t.

People expect their rank to go up or down based on their performance. My friend PrincessKitty who has never gotten past Bronze 2 will cause the Onyx 3 on the other team who got MVP, but lost, to get a heavy demotion, even though he was the best player in the lobby.

I understand what you’re saying but who wants to do all that just because the game has a poorly thought out ranking system? If most people wanted to be ranked as a team rather than as an individual, this thread wouldn’t have over a hundred likes.

(Duffman GB) #113

I have just come off 8 games of KOTH. Only 1 game finished 5 v 5. We lost players some matches, the enemies others. Bit if a joke. Managed 5 wins and 3 losses, so frustrating though.

(S T Y R A N K l) #114

In my comment, rather than offering exact fixes I stated how I think the system should calculate rank( whether it already does so or not )but it needs to be reliable and logical to follow. The skill rank is all numbers and math, and I can’t say for sure how the calculations should go precisely. I merely said what factors I think those rank calculations should include, to put it bluntly. But it needs to be improved from what we have right now. Escalation I used as an example because it’s been my most played gametype for a while.

Also, I did mention that the system should acknowledge how large of a party you’re playing with and that it should be a factor in your rank progress.

I forgot to mention the MVP part, though. I usually mention in these discussions that being MVP in he lobby should guarantee no loss of rank progress. Especially when playing solo.

(Iobotomite) #115

I’m really confused about the ranking. Was at 99.33% (would like to say ■■■■ off at that point) this morning, then I won 2 matches in a row and checked my ranking just there but i’m down to 94.something%.
Also is there a way to see this % reading in game because having to wait for the website to update is a pain

(S T Y R A N K l) #116

There isn’t. The ability to track rank progress was added after launch and I suppose there were some restrictions to how it could be implemented, so it’s on the website only. But I would be surprised if Gears 5 didn’t have stat tracking similar to what Halo 5 had.

(Senerch23) #117

Just had two bozos on my team in Arms Race go 4-44 combined. How does having the game result count againat your rank make any sense at all?

(Krylon Blue) #118

You won’t necessarily lose percentage if you performed well enough. I’ve had plenty of losses where I lost no rank due to me playing well.

(HMS EL KANO) #119

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