Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(xXxM1NG0xXx) #81

This ranking system is so demotivating I’m coming pretty close to stop playing completely.

(Krylon Blue) #82

I wish it was the ranking system that pushed me away rather than the horrid lag issues or my PC friends always crashing so they quit.

(xXxM1NG0xXx) #83

I wish TC would focus on the issues of the game rather then focusing on throwing skins and achievements at the players.

(Krylon Blue) #84

Different departments handle different things. I’ve been playing Black Ops 4 and will continue to do so because I couldn’t take the lag anymore.

(Streiter Elite) #85

I think you are a diamond OP. Why pay TC and then let them judge you when I can do that for free?

(EskimoWolf) #86

I loose more than half the games i play and i’m onyx 3 80%.

(Omen LP) #87

it’s only getting worse with the shrinking player population… This system they came up with doesn’t account for mixed teams (you know, the whole “you need to MVP to get a big boost” thing. Fine, if there are 5 Golds on your team, it’s ok to tell them," MVP will move." If you have 2 Onyx, a gold, a silver, and bronze, telling the Bronze that (s)he needs to MVP to go from bronze 3 to Silver 1 is stuuuuuupid.

Hardly ANY games I play feature teams which are even close to evenly matched, in rank, never mind, evenly ranked WITHIN the teams (either mine or the opposite)…

Focus on winning is left over from the system they used to model this after, where it was 1v1 competition and winning was everything. That system was NEVER designed or intended to rank individual players within a team sport, so TC just make stuff up - and this is what they ended up with.

(carlosnj) #88

completely agree!! I am tire of loosing and having good kills and points.

(MEME1616) #89

I just had MVP on KOTH. Went down 3 % because of trash teammates. Had most kills, most caps, most breaks and Evasive. And I go down?!

(Iobotomite) #90

-Winning team gets 10%
-Top player on winning team gets 20%
-Top 3 players get 5% (if a player loses but finishes top 3 in points they don’t lose % but gain 5%)
-Losing team (if not in top 3) loses 10%
-Lowest player on losing team loses 15%
Means good players can overcome the hamster wheel of gaining and losing slowly while bad players will be pushed back harder to a place that suits them more

(MEME1616) #91

You making this up?

(MEME1616) #92

Brilliant point! I had 18 breaks the other day. Teammate had 0. Another had 2. But they had more caps than me cause I died after killing one or two when breaking.

Do I need to say we lost?

And this happens on a daily basis, was just one example. Of course breaks and caps should give atleast the same points.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #93

TC, there’s a HUNDRED likes on this thread, maybe try listening to your community and don’t forget that they are the customers. The ones with the $$ that makes this whole thing happen.

I see games like Fortnite which get frequent, and I mean FREQUENT updates to tune and balance the game, and add features. Those cats are making literally billions.
Meanwhile, Gears fans are constantly scratching their heads as to why certain things do and don’t happen. We feel completely disconnected from the developer, if not altogether abandoned.

(Iobotomite) #94

Yeah, think it would work better within the boundaries of the current system. The numbers for current system seems nonsensical

(Fragmented Wolf) #95

I see a lot of people in favor of this and would like to present a counter-point.

I believe if personal achievement were rewarded, even when on the losing team, matches would play out very differently. Why do you think people throw themselves on the hill despite terrible odds? Why do people rush towards a leader in Guardian despite their teammates being only seconds away from respawn? They do it because they have incentive and that incentive is winning which translates to XP.

If it were announced tomorrow that personal stats was now the driving factor of leveling up, I’d never take chances like that again. Wouldn’t cap a hill unless 2 teammates were already on it unless it was guaranteed, and wouldn’t seek out the leader in Guardian, because, why would I? It’s just another kill… Hell, at that rate, let them respawn and I’ll just kill the low level players over and over again. Who cares if my team never wins and we lose the match. I have 50 kills so it’s all good for me… That’s not how it should be.

Ever heard the saying “There is no I in team”? Gears, at its core, is a team game. Your personal score is irrelevant if you don’t have the teamwork to pull out a victory. The last place dude going 2-10 may very well have contributed to the team in other ways, just like the guy in first place with MVP can be a crappy teammate sitting in the back giving almost no mind to the objective.

Now fast-forward a month after that update and we’d probably have threads saying “Why should I be punished doing the objective while my teammates rank up just sitting back getting kills!” Problem with that is if you then shifted focus to objective work, you’d have idiots running in without a care in the world, breaking a hill for half a millisecond, only to die and claim they were contributing.

I would encourage TC to abandon the format that they adopted from other games and be bold; create their own system that ranks you solely based on how YOU do as a player.”

AKA, don’t punish you for your Team’s actions in a HEAVILY FOCUSED team-based game… I’m sorry, but I really disagree with you here.

Get a full team of buddies and if your’re decent players, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

(Slipping Flames) #96

It simply isn’t how the majority of people play. Most people hop on Gears for an hour or so when they can. Everyone would love to play on a stacked team that communicates. It just burns whatever time is available to play creating groups and waiting. No thanks. I’d rather play when I can.

Asking for a more balanced ranking system or scoring shouldn’t affect the team aspect of the game. There are literally infinite ways the scoring and ranking mechanisms could be improved. Glad you are happy with the current system. Lots of people are not.

(Fragmented Wolf) #97

And I’m saying the people who jump in solo and don’t communicate but are able to come in first place on a losing team don’t deserve to be a high rank… At the -very most- maybe make the loss less detrimental… But I don’t believe any player on a losing team should benefit, or you’re going to run into the problems I outlined above.

(Slipping Flames) #98

I see your point.

I’ve known for a long time that the current rank just indicates how good the teams are you normally play with. It loosely represents some measure of skill.

Seeing a person’s average Ping beside their rank would also help alleviate the feeling that some have that they are better or worse than they think lol.

Rewarding players for pushing makes the game more active and, thereby, more fun in my opinion.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #99

Respectfully, the reason that doesn’t hold up, is that people play many games where they throw themselves on grenades and such because it’s human nature to want to win. Especially in a gritty game like Gears. People even play aggressively for Ws and get emotional about it in social so the idea that ranked play would fall apart is false.

I know the concept of Ws not counting in ranked shocks people because that’s the way it’s done and it seems crazy to change that element but if TC is not giving me a team rank, they’re giving an individual rank, then my performance alone should be my rank. And, if the enemy is 5 seconds away from winning you can bet I’m going to go for the break as it’s my last 5 seconds to get more points.

(Fragmented Wolf) #100

I disagree… If first place on the losing team meant I was moving up in rank, that is winning as far as I’m concerned, and I would never play the objective again. I’d be perfectly satisfied watching my score increase, while players like yourself threw themselves on the objective and suffered because of it.

“What’s wrong with you guys, we’re about to lose! Get on the hill!”
“Don’t you want to win?!”
“No, I want to go up in rank, and that’s what I’m about to do.”

That is, no joke, 100% how I, and I’m sure many others would rationalize it, and that’s not right. Even if you argued that most -wouldn’t- do what I’m describing… I would, and a handful of people like me would… Should we gain from what I just described above?.. I think that constitutes a terrible teammate… And yet that teammate would be a very high rank and suffer no consequences for contributing nothing.

I think complaining about team work being required in a heavily team focused game is absurd. That’s basically how I can sum it all up.