Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(Omen LP) #61

Current system pretends the team is a single player with the rank of an average of individual ranks. So that way they can apply this system which is a poor man’s take on the 1v1 chess ranking system, where it makes perfect sense.

To me it is INSANE I got no rank movement when I, as gold1, outscore 5 onyx players, just because my TEAM, as a whole, was EXPECTED to beat the other team. Pure BS, IMO.

In chess, it is 1v1, so EVERYTHING is about winning or losing. Here, there is individual intra-team performance to consider, especially on teams with a wide range of ranks/skills. Hiding behind “duh, your team was expected to win” is being lazy.

(GB6 Kazuya) #62

Well said. Similar to you, I’ve always preferred a surviving teammate as opposed to a careless “hero” who gets kills but dies enough to cripple the team.

It’s crazy that there even needs to be a topic and discussion about this, individual performance statistics are monitored in every other aspect so why should Ranked Versus be any different?

Indeed is does drain motivation, the simple lack of communication can be the fatal key that prevents your random team triumphing over ANY squad, skilled or not.

(backflash969) #63

They should weigh the rank calculations based off a number of factors. For example, wins of course will need to count, so weight wins by %50, the other 50% can be split between K/D, accuracy, # of breaks/caps (for objective based games), etc. MVP/Highest K/D should grant a bonus to the calculations. This would seem to be fair as it will prevent kids running around slaying and keep the game objective focused.

(Amaaan asif88) #64

I’m done with this game thanks to 5 men stack team diamond I’m gold gold 3 every time lose matches because all my team is solo players thanks to tc good job tc destroyed gears broken servers vers broken ranking system

(Lambent Lucky) #65

I was just running with a squad in Guardian watching them rank up to onyx 2 to onyx 3 70%. We were all winning and switching out MVP. My rank however never moved a %. How is that even possible when we are all doing the same???

(Omen LP) #66

The reason wins count so much is because TC took a 1v1 chess ranking system, where wins ARE a complete and total determinant of skill, and tried to fit it to a team event. Pretending the team is one player with a rank of some avg of the players’ rank…

That’s why the obsession with wins.

Ignoring that someone can hugely overperform and still lose something like koth.

(Krylon Blue) #67

I joined some friends yesterday in a “5 stack” and our opponents weren’t very good but we lost because one of our players was AFK from the moment it started! I lost percentage on that one which was honestly ridiculous.

Needless to say that guy is on my no play list now. If you’re invited into a match and you quit, go AFK or anything similar even once, barring an emergency, you’re out for good.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #68

I’m near a personal ranking high on TDM… or was until this morning when I played 3 in a row where someone went AFK on my team in every match. I made sure I was top performer on my team each time in order to preserve rank but I still dropped nearly 10%.

Every time I start paying attention to rank again, stuff like that reminds me not to, and not to care.


agreed should have individual performance i even played aginst a group of diamond players who lost and my rank went nowhere? even had diamond players on my side they kept dying and were last place and it made no sence at all how he got that rank and being last play with coupleof onx 1


I love how I was 98.45% onx3 but dropped to 41.37% Cause of the games Ive been losing. Just awesome, They can add a skin or new character But never come around to fix this. Plus with the games I do win in, They don’t add up to my percentage, But IF I LOSE They’ll STILL TAKE AWAY THE PERCENTAGE. REALLY?!

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #71

I was playing TDM is morning and first 3 match’s I took MVP but I’m Onyx 2 and playing solo I was match with all golds and couple onyxs. The fourth match was on checkout. We got slaughtered and just lancer down from my second spawn I realized it’s a mic up stack diamond squad. Sure enough it was2 D2 2D3and 1 d5. I went 3-9 and my rank dropped 10percent. Lol. Everyone on my team was onyx1 except me at least.

(SalishKootenai) #72

wins should still be considered, but overall points at the end of the match should be the piece that determines rank. not k.d ratio.

(xMini Vixenx) #73

Wins should definitely be factored in to ranking but not as much as it is right now. This only works if matchmaking works correctly though ie matched with and against the same skill level. A gold with 4 bronze 1 teammates cannot be expected to carry them to a win and should not lose rank because of the loss.

Objective based modes should be rewarded for caps/breaks and modes like tdm should be rewarded for k/d ratio.

(JITheThunder) #74

I am also fail to understand ranking system.

As we all know Ruby Sicon challenge first came in Rank matches only and I played only KOTH and got 6000 kills within 12-13 days, I was killing 30 to 60 per match and most of the wins, But my rank could not cross Gold 2 to Gold 3. I tried everything I could do -

Gnasher kill (mostly)
use of Lancer to push them away from ring,
Planting grenade.
Kill during movement and wall bounce as much as i could do.
Many time I was MVP too.

But rank didn’t go up. I gave up to this system after that.

(Evul E AdRiAn) #75

Claro y no olvidemos cuando un Ramdom abandona la partida y te hace perder tambien perjudica eso nuestro rango cuando jugamos en solitario =/

(xXBarricade22Xx) #76

I thought it was always like that wow

(Alekaum Live) #77

Tottaly agree, I spend hours playing this game, even becoming MVP in most matches, and can´t go beyond gold. This should be an individual rank, not team rank.

(XFuRiAnOcTuRnAX) #78

honestly I am already very tired of relying on my team to be able to qualify in a range because I am one of those who regularly plays alone and I could never go on onix 2 in season 3 although in season 2 I could only get almost to diamond I do not understand as a step to be able to classify your only to have to depend on your colleagues who are completely unknown and random sincerely so I no longer want to play gears is very discouraging that I can not have a better range because my team does not play at the same level as what should they

(III EnVii III) #79

If it’s a strong enough team, you can also do this for anything.

For kills, you can keep the ring uncapped.

Same in Guardian.

And so on.

(xTheAntMan) #80

Teamwork has always been the core of MP (ever since GOW 1) - ie you battle for the mid-map power weapon to give your team an advantage or you fight for the hill. This is true of the competitive pro circuit as well. If you’re looking for lone wolf “hey I’m better than anyone solo because I have the best K/D and most points” recognition, you have the wrong game.

I’ve seen plenty of times where a well skilled player will not fight for power weapons or go for the hill because they think the other team is better, and they want to “protect” their stats. This leads to complete domination as it essentially becomes a 5 vs 4. This lone wolf can still get a decent k/d and even enough points to score the MVP, but does nothing to help the team’s chances of winning. I think the ranking system is designed to not reward this type of play. As an extreme example think of the camper who wants to protect their 10+ k/d ratio but doesn’t care about anything else.

Yet these same lone wolves will have no complaints when they are on a stacked team with 3 high ranked partied players. Truth is these lone wolves know their stats would take a hit if they really tried the objectives/to win against a “better” team.

Bottom line is if you care about the ranking system, go find a team. If you want to run lone wolf, you need to understand there will likely be enough partied skilled players out there to take all the top ranks and leave you a tier behind.