Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #41

In that case, I very much agree with him. Before my friends got sick of the bad connections and left Gears, we’d beat very high level players just by using communication and simple stats. My Gears bestie can’t wallbounce or do anything advanced, but she can cross for me and we set up all kinds of traps where I’d bait players into her crossfire. We won most of our matches. But, if you played her in a 1v, no way would she be able to challenge people of her same rank. Her rank reflects her teamwork and intelligence, not her individual skill.

(JagerCon) #42

Agree with all of this. I come across so many players high onyx/diamond rank and they’re actually bang average players that just play in stacked teams.

(StarzRiser) #43

I agree with this. I dont have a full team, only one player that I play with on a regular basis. even if we both perform nicely, it doesnt matter. If our team is crap, our rank suffers from it. I tried looking for teamates, but if they don’t answer, I’m not gonna insist.

So… Yeah what’s the point then ?

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This thread is STILL getting replies and likes more than a month later so I sincerely hope TC is paying attention. My best friend stopped playing Gears a couple months ago and yesterday she told me it was because she felt too frustrated about her rank. If people knew that rank truly reflected their personal performance, I think they would be far less disatisfaction about the subject.

(Slipping Flames) #45

Suggest a better system.

I’m not a fan of the current one, but I’m not sure what I’d replace it with. K/D ratio doesn’t make sense because support play is not factored. There are so many little things that one can do to make a difference in a game. Throwing a well placed smoke, securing a power weapon, being an outright slayer,…It all matters but is all but impossible to really measure. Scoring system in general is wrong. One can simply stand in the ring the most in KOTH and score much higher than those actually “holding” the ring.

(StarzRiser) #46

They said in today’s stream they’re working on a more balanced/fair way to rank up, depending on how you do individually. I think they were talking about Gears 5 though.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #47

A better system to rank one’s individual performance certainly doesn’t have to be limited to K/D. It goes back to what I said about being able to MVP a match but not go up in rank. We ALREADY have the points system, which needs to be re-worked, but is a great basis for grading individual performance. Fine-tuning that and taking out the weight of the Ws and Ls would give a better representation of one’s ‘true skill’. It might not do much for the low performers on either team, but it would give the better players on the losing team a chance to rank up and not consider the match (or solo play in general) to be a complete loss.

The points system just needs work. They should significantly penalize players for deaths in certain modes because so many cats go out there carelessly chasing kills because they know wasting lives won’t punish them on the scoreboard, TC should consider given stolen kills fewer points because these same lazy players that recklessly die often are usually the same guys snatching kills, Objectives need serious weight. For instance; leader kills in Guardian should count for major points. There’s all sorts of common sense balances that could be made.

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Although I understand your position, I wouldn’t have when I first started Ranked.

When I first started ranked, I wasn’t very good at going 1v1 or rushing so I instead did all I could to help the people rushing. I may not have capped a hill or got alot of kills but at that time I helped ensure that the match was won. I rarely died but I also didn’t body people often, mostly assists, pushing the hill and keeping others from breaking our ring.

So to me, K/D isn’t always what makes a team winners.

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Cuz…i can stand at torque bow in koth and get mvp while we lose 180 nothing thats deserving a promotion? I think ur looking for a solo game. How many ppl here played 2 where execution was the mlg mode and winning is everything. K/d is irrelevant with downs anyways. The objective is to win the game if TC cared they could lone wolf playlist but ur population is so low cuz game was so awful for forever its not feasible with mm times. The issue is the game stunk and theres no playerbase

(Krylon Blue) #50

You couldn’t stand in one spot during a KotH match and still win MVP, lol. I’m going to assume that was an exaggeration.

I have said it many times before but when I lead a match in kills, captures, breaks and revives which results in an 1800 point MVP advantage yet suffer a 2-0 loss it’s not my fault. But according to the game it’s my fault my team was straight garbage and deranks my Diamond 3 (83%) down 37%. That in itself is ridiculous. You can’t be at fault for a loss if you are #1 in the match.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #51
  1. No, you can’t. I’m not going to entertain exaggerated nonsense.
  2. Downs earn points which ties in with what I was saying about using a revised points system (you know, your actual score) to determine your rank.

WHY should a player be able to score 12,000 points and not go up in rank but a player that gets 4,000 might go up just because he was on the winning team?

On the subject of rank, with the issue of quitters becoming deeply relevant, that’s another reason why individual performance should be counted over Ws.

(Slipping Flames) #52

Absolute biggest scoring nonsense in KOTH is 300pts for capping and 100pts for breaking the ring. I see it constantly. People running in to get cap points but never breaking the ring or helping. If the scoring were reversed, you’d see the game rewarding those that push.

(GeaR 614) #53

A lot of good points being made. The points system in the game does not reflect a players skill. So getting MVP, no matter how you get it, can not solely be reason to gain rank. You can get MVP in TDM and have 20 deaths and have a negative KD. Better stats to base rank on ( In TDM) would be Kills, K/D, Damage, Assist %, and then winning. You can’t truly rank players if everything they are doing in game is to help them pad their stats and not help the team win. Ranked Escalation is so annoying to think about how I am getting ranked. You need caps and breaks, lots of points and low time dead, then you need to win the game. So what happens is entire teams cap their home hill then they all move to the B hill so they can all get that cap and so on. Where as if you watch the pros play. They almost never team cap and sometimes they don’t cap their home hill until a minute into the game. But you won’t find this in ranked much because players what to top the score board and think that should make them win even though in reality they are losing the game for their team.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #54

Absolutely. I’m almost always the guy with the most breaks and I often die in the process only to watch my teammates, who hung back at a safe distance and shot at the people who were focused on me, come in after and cap for the points. There should be more value placed on those who are getting in there first. The nature of the game would change because, as-is, most people just won’t push a hill.

(Slipping Flames) #55

Lol. You are lucky teammates will at least fire. I usually run solo, so no one usually cover fires.

I get a kill or two, break the circle, end up “trading” and watch teammates cap the hill while respawning.

Then I end up spawning across the map…God I love this game.

(Amaaan asif88) #56

I agree with you i hope tc fix this

(Bazinga I Core) #57

The ranking system makes no sense as long as the game is not running properly.

  1. Connection
  2. Sponging / Shot not Registered
  3. Fair Respawns for all and not one team closer to the Hill and one team and of map.
    4.Quitter or Afk People Tougher punishment. I mean 100 % Rank up after 3 quit or stay afk.

It is impossible to climb because the enemies eat everything they get.

Here are examples, how can that be?
it’s not fair. But TC does not respond or it does not matter to them the main thing every time esports packed in the store offer that’s important.

(backflash969) #58

I feel they should split matchmaking one for teams one for solo q.

(GB6 Kazuya) #59

I agree wholeheartedly. This is not an outstanding performance, but it happened 10 minutes before this post. It reminded me of this topic and the principle of it stands. I lost some Rank % from this match, despite being a man down and getting MVP (not to mention with not one, but THREE Frenchmen…).

(Al Bundy 33hero) #60

That’s what I’m talking about. What kind of insanity is this that the best performing player in the match gets a demotion? I had a match the other day in which I went off and got a 6% demotion for my MVP.

I usually earn a strong K/D in TDM (which is THE OBJECTIVE) but get demotions. Teammates go something like 10-14 but because I’m at a conservative 8-3 or so I’m at the bottom of the team and get demoted worse than the guys who blew the match. So, I helped the team, they hurt it, I’m punished the most.
I’m not going to change my play style to get a higher rank. I have no respect for their rank system. I’d rather have a collection of beautiful outplays and know I did my best than be someone who just milks points.
If they ever have a system that ranks YOUR talent based on the objective, I will be GRINDING that for sure. As it stands I don’t feel any motivation to rank up other than to get tougher matches.