Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(Krylon Blue) #21

Reminds me of a match I played a week ago. We won against some really laggy players and I went into the lobby and they were talking all this crap about how we only won because hey were short handed. But what they refuse to acknowledge is we won Round 1 and were up 100-30 and controlling the hill in Round 2 when he quit. The quitter was also their best player who was likely sick of his horrible team. They would have lost regardless of him staying or not but hey, let’s make ourselves feel better by calling us “gringos” while they pinged high. :joy:

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Doing away with team performance altogether, not basing rank on win or loss at all, and only on individual performance would be a mistake. A healthy balance of the two needs to be in place or this may as well be free for all.

(BraveHearts GG) #23

I know TC doesn’t have an easy job juggling this issue but solo players are most affected as always, and it’s not surprising, Gears is a team game, I just wish I wouldn’t de-rank so much by not being at fault, wish there was a way to make everyone happy but unfortunately that’s not how life works, hopefully we get a solution closest to that measure though.

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I feel it should count. Not by a massive amount but winning is a big deal. I usually play solo though and get why random teams lose. I feel a 2-5% affect for wins or losses would be enough

(API) #25

Agreed. The current system cares too much about the win, rather than your individual contribution to it.

If I go into a TDM as Diamond 4 with Gold-Onyx teammates against all Onyx enemies, it will predict me to win. And even if I go 16-4, I can lose when two of my teammates are 1-12. I feel like I performed at my proper D4 rank or even D5, but my teammates clearly didn’t perform to their rank. But since I was predicted to win and I didn’t, I will go down. So I go down just because my teammates didn’t do their part. What does that have to do with me?

What I described actually happened btw lol. I should be able to solo queue and get the same rank I would as if I was in a 5-stack. But honestly, that never happens. Getting D5 is easy with a full stack, but much, much harder by yourself.

I once went 0-5 while in D4, 91% TDM with no points (was lagging), and moved up to 95% just because we won the game. Lol. Like I get there is a background MMR and all, but everything I said about solo queuing to a high rank still stands.

I’ll admit one thing though, which is that if the rank is based more off individual performance, then people could abuse that by playing in ways which earn good personal score, but don’t help get you the win. Still, I think it’s better to work through that than to keep the current “win everything” system. I just want to be able to solo queue again.

Edit - October 12, 2018:

I’ve changed my opinion a bit since originally writing this on May 23, 2018. Link to my updated thoughts are as follows

I think when originally writing this, I overestimated how easy it was to get D5 even in a stack. Since then, I’ve seen so many people (my friends included) who were stuck in D4 or O3 just because they didn’t perform well enough individually. I also overestimated the difficulty of getting high ranks while solo queuing due to some ridiculous circumstances I encountered.

Lastly, I underestimated the impact of the background MMR. I went down on a loss while 16-4 or whatever because of poor performances in past games (my background MMR lowered greatly). And I went up on a win while 0-5 because of great performances in past games (my background MMR was already super high, so any next win would make me go up). It’s really about your recent history of games, not so much the exact game where your percentage changed.

I still agree that only moving up on a win and down on a loss is very confusing and they either need to change that, or display our background MMR so we see progress/regression even on losses/wins.

(API) #26

Yes they are expected to win, but if they don’t win, then the ranking system should determine who’s at fault for not winning. Is it the trashcan golds who underperformed even for golds, or is it the Diamond who still went triple positive with MVP?

And I doubt anyone would get to D5 while losing all their matches anyway because if you could perform so incredibly well that you get super-MVP all the time even while losing, you won’t actually lose that many of your games. The suggested system will just help the times where you do lose because of teammates to not be such a step backward.

I’ve seen Diamond 5s in TDM with a 1.1 KD. That is not okay lol.

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I couldn’t agree with this post more

(I SciPioN I) #28

in agreement with you , the rank and the stat being personal , the others player of lteams should not influenced the rank

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The countless times the ranking system hasn’t fell through is ridiculous. I have over 38 days of playing time on Versus so I think I have a bit more first hand experience than Ryan, I’ve been dealing with this for 5 seasons and it’s pretty much hell cause I’m going for diamond master and such. It was hell for season 1/2 but I got all diamond playing solo, it was doable but very difficult. I was diamond 3 in tdm during season 3, then the rank drops happened and it screwed me over. One loss cause my teammates go 2-14, 1-13 and I lose a whole diamond it’s ridiculous.

(Shiddick) #30

Everyone generally feels the same way about this ill-conceived ranking system. Based on win percentage not actual skill…

The only ones that benefit are those charming high school kids with very high prospects for life, but they have 5-man squads and can actually communicate to each other in-game….


thats right. season 3 ranks was determ
ent by game pass players.
aka dana players.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #32

If this isn’t happening in Gears 4, pleeeease consider it for #5. Thank you.

(GeaR 614) #33

The current ranked model needs thrown away and done over.

First off, one ranked weapon tuning, if you want a separate tuning for social then fine, but all ranked should be treated as a competitive mode and should share the same tuning.

Second, ranked game modes should be free for all, possibly even FFA KoTH (solo queue), wingman (duo queue), 4v4 execution, 5v5 TDM, and 5v5 Escalation. Everything else should be social with leaderboards but no ranks tied to them.

Third, ranks should still be based wins, as having game modes that don’t require you to have 5 players will reduce issue of have a bunch of randoms playing against teams of 4 or 5. But a match making rating (MMR) needs to be calculated for each team and displayed side by side before each game. This would make understanding why your rank changes much easier to understand.

Fourth, a ranked ladder (leader board) should be viewable. That way you can compare your stats to those around you and even to those far above or below you in rank to learn and better understand the areas of your game that need improved on. And even to make arguments for changes to the weapon tuning.

And on another note i would like more stats to be added to the war journal. Like for one, ranked weapon stats, damage taken, damage dealt accuracy and more.

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Totally agree. Wins depend of the team, but ranking is for each player, so should focus on individual performance.

People that play alone with random teams usually gets a lower rank than their abilities.

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Amen to that 1000%

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #36

Wow couldn’t have said it better myself…that is the way it should have always been from the start…it’s my rank, not my teams

(Al Bundy 33hero) #37

Playing both team and solo in the last week since I penned this thread, and talking with players online about their feelings as they grind for rank, I’m even more passionate about the subject.
People are so resentful of their teammates because those teammates help determine their rank. It really shouldn’t be this way. A win is not a direct indicator of what level you play on/what your rank should be. I think TC found it convenient to adopt an established system, but that system is a poor way of deriving rank in GOW.

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Yeah, When my whole team is negative by like 5 and I’m sitting at mvp I lose 12% :smiley: Makes sense.

(ShEsNaKkxD) #39

Estoy de acuerdo con ello es muy difícil subir de rango cuando tu equipo no se sabe ni mover en el mapa. De nada sirve obtener mvp si tu equipo no juega para ganar.

(Krylon Blue) #40

Likely a very poor Google Translate but here it is anyway.

I agree with that it is very difficult to rise in rank when your team does not know how to move on the map. It’s no use getting mvp if your team does not play to win.