Why should wins count at all in your rank? Doesn't individual performance determine how good you are?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #1

I play in a squad 99% of the time but I fully admit the fact that the ranking system is nonsense in that it ranks you based on your team’s performance most of all. When I go solo, I’m often the top performer on the losing team and might even MVP the match, But, you’re telling me that the guy who went 2-10 on the winning team has a chance to move up, and I don’t even though I’m the “MVP”? Same goes for when my Diamond Master friends carry me in their squad and we beat people who were destroying me in the actual match. It hardly makes sense that the performance of others on your team determines your ability to rank.

I would encourage TC to abandon the format that they adopted from other games and be bold; create their own system that ranks you solely based on how YOU do as a player. This would not only benefit individuals, but the community as a whole because there would be less resentment toward ‘randoms’ who perform poorly.

New ranking system idea
Why the f gears
(Krylon Blue) #2

Agreed, I’m not sure why this system was used but it’s just wrong. Again, losing 37% in KotH because I lost a match 2-0 while being MVP by 1800 points is just not logical. It makes little sense that you have ranks that are shown on the scoreboard post-match when they’re based on your teams ability to win. It needs to be based off your individual performance as it’s not the players fault their team wanted to play solo as if it’s Call of Duty where that type of play works. May as well eliminate ranks all together if I’m not going to rank up while dominating the whole lobby just because my team was subpar.

(ca11um 98) #3

Yeah, I would like it if I was able to move up ranks for losses if I play extremely well. I’ve had a lot of games where I get MVP in a match, but I have 1 or 2 teammates that are just terrible and cause us to lose.

(Ektope) #4

Because higher skilled players (by TC’s definition of being Diamond/Onyx) are expected to win more games than others.
True Skill expects and predicts Diamonds to win nearly all their games, and it makes sense that lower Ranks could be expected to lose more.
If an Onyx-only team claimed to beat a 5-man Diamond stack, they might complain that they didn’t rank up as much and the Diamond-only stack may not drop much in Rank as if it wasn’t mostly about wins but individual performance.
For all you know, someone might be able to reach Diamond 5 and be called one of the best Versus player in the game mode, while having lost all or half their matches.
Now that would be hard to believe.

(Krylon Blue) #5

But that only works in a Lone Wolf style mode. In King of the Hill it’s all about teamwork and if your teammates are subpar you’re not going to win no matter how well you perform. That’s the issue I have with this style of ranking system. If I perform better than anyone as a Diamond but lose due to my Onyx teammates playing like Silver players how am I at fault here? And because I’m a Diamond I tend to lose a higher percentage on my rank than the Onyx players who played like low ranked players. The game statistics say I did my job in terms of fighting for victory by being the best in the match but I’m punished for losing? It’s no wonder so many matches seem lopsided and that’s because the system assumes victory because of ranks. But the rank is heavily based on win/loss so a player that’s way above their true rank is placed onto my team. But now we’re expected to win because of “rank” and we don’t because he’s a “fake Onyx”. As a result, I derank more. No one can carry a team by themselves in KotH. It takes too much.

…makes no sense.

(Ektope) #6

When I used to play KOTH with a friend, we mainly tried to aim for the most Captures and Breaks to the point we pretty much had some or the most in the entire lobby on scoreboard.
If ranking was purely individual performance, then high numbers of Captures/Breaks = high Ranks.
I was mainly playing around Gold 2 to 3, and I would have sky rocket to Onyx or even Diamond if it was only about Captures/Breaks.
It could even be manipulated, and co-ordinated by a team.
“Let the other team break the Ring, so we capture it again”.
And keep doing this ^, over and over till they get 15+ Captures or something.
Doesn’t matter if they lose.

(Krylon Blue) #7

How about when you lead in kills and breaks while 2nd in captured yet you lose 2-0 and get deranked? That’s not right…

(These are season 4 ranks so it’s not Diamond yet. I lost a lot with teammates playing poorly so I got low Onyx)

(Al Bundy 33hero) #8

I’ll give an example of how bogus the system is. I once played a Guardian Match where an Onyx 3 opponent got 53 kills on my team and was absolutely carrying his team of randoms. He himself was as good as our 3 Onyx 3 players combined but he lost against us and did not rank up. I went something like 11-22 and I did rank up a little.
That’s a really low-rent way for a game to establish someone’s rank in this game.

Regarding this player. After a bit of trash talking, we befriended him and found out he had quit his team and was looking for a new one. As part of a team, he has soared up to Diamond master in multiple game modes. It’s insane to me that a talented individual like this wouldn’t be able to get a worthy rank when playing solo. And, I say that as someone who runs in squads.

(Doc Holliday SS) #9

If you’re not first, you’re last - Ricky Bobby

(RainbowWonka32) #10

Yeah its really ridiculous. Factor in Quitters & AFK’s on your team in its really ridiculous. Why am I punished for the actions of these people? Just because we didn’t get the “Win” that the system heavily relies on for your rank % to even increase I shouldn’t be punished for the actions of these players.

Don’t call it an “Individual” skill rank but then expect me to get a “Team win” all by myself to even increase that “Individual” skill rank. That’s a very difficult task even for the best gears players in the world. I did my part on the team it is not my fault in anyway shape or form that my teammates are either AFK, quitters, or bad so why should I get punished for their actions?

There needs to be a better way idk what that is but there really needs to be a better way. I’m really have had enough of this getting punished for stuff out of my control. It’s really disheartening

(Style SkuLL R) #11

TC at the beginning of the game its classification was by own ability but as the community could not rise in rank and only the prodigies or good players climbed TC opto to have a system similar to H5 which with only winning so you were in 0 subtas of rank I hope that TC returns to the beginning so that the skill is seen and not simply the hauled


Man i am with all of you if i do good an there’s that guy that only does 3 -15 i shouldn’t be brought down to a lower rank because of it.

(Shiggshwo) #13

I completely agree. Considering the fact that Gears of War has always been a multiplayer game of 4 V 4 or 5 V 5, every single teammate matters immensely. When we’re playing as a lone wolf and are teaming with randoms on our team, the system shouldn’t base our OWN tier upon the backs of people we don’t even know. The system NEEDS to be based on individual skill. I was a Diamond for Season 3 on Escalation and when I had teammates leave the match for 3 games in a row, I left with the ‘Return to Main Menu’ option. You know what the system did? Wound up dropping my tier to Onyx. Extremely disheartening and ridiculous.

(nimand) #14

Fully agree as a solo player. The best ranking sytem I know this gen is the Titanfall RankChip.

(ICookieCLOWN) #15

Completely agree, this systems forces you to play a a stacked team.

(Duffman GB) #16

Agree OP.

(BraveHearts GG) #17

Yesterday I played 3 games of KoTH and every match 1 or 2 players quit from my team, so that’s 3 losses in a row and of course my rank is going down, I mean it’s just disheartening this way, at least TC should make it if you lose while being a man down it should not impact your rank negatively in any way, if it’s possible to make it account your potential MVP and thus increase in rank at the same time that would be delightful, but losing while being shorthanded should not cost you your rank IMO

(diablo vs24) #18

They would have to make the amount it’s affected based on when the quit(s) occurred. Otherwise people could bring in another player who could quit at the end to negate a deserved loss.

(BraveHearts GG) #19

Yeah that’s a good point too, I don’t know, maybe if a player quits in 1st round then there’s no de-ranking involved, and if it’s after then it is what it is, it would at least somewhat help until a better solution is proposed.

(o Ventus) #20

You can be second, third, fourth. Hell you can even be fifth.