Why should i play

Why shouldn’t i keep playing a co-op verses game with 4 other quiters. Game is just bots why should i get hit with penalties on b.s. quiters.

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I don’t quite get what you mean?

You don’t get Quit Penalties in Co-Op Vs A.I…

Started with room full then 4 players quit. Why should i stay in the game I don’t like.

Bots don’t actually appear in Ranked, which is where quitting penalties come from.

This is co-option verses

You’re playing Co-Op vs AI by the sound of it and there are no penalties there. The penalties only exist in Core Ranked and Competitive modes. You’re actually playing a Social match which has no penalties.

Think about how fair this is to the bots… constant AFK’rs and quitters…

For shame. :wink:

It seems like you are looking to enjoy some full humans player matches, I would suggest you play some ranked if youre sick to death of playing bots. The only reason I can think why people would play co-op is to get ribbons/achievements easier or just wanting to practice and warm up, etc. I don’t think anyone actually plays co-op versus A.I. for fun, you know? Unless im wrong…?

I play it when there’s no matches to be found or if i want to practice on something… or if I’m sick of getting hate messages… the bots don’t send those out after a match. (yet)

I’m sure noobs do. I find it pretty comical that he wants teammates in co-op versus AI though. I would prefer playing that alone so no one steals all the kills lol. Maybe he finds it challenging though and wants help winning against the bots.

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