Why ruin horde. Gears 5 horde sucks

I am so sad… I looked forward to gears 5 horde. I dont want to be Marcus just so I can have my class and weapon … I dont think I will ever put gears 5 back in. Wasted money, hope, and time… going back to 4.


I totally agree. The coalition really messed up with this horde. The should all be fired. I have never been so disappointed in a GOW game… I even thought judgement was better… now that is bad


The purchase of perks needs to go, ppl don’t wanna give the power to the fabricator cuz they want to level up their characters.
Make it so the amount of power doubles whatever you deposit so players can give power and level up their perks (If you guys want to keep this system)
Using the power taps as rewards for beating a boss wave it’s fine, ONLY IF you make them permanent, getting constantly destroyed in every wave, with this “perk system” doesn’t work, and make it so the power goes to the fabricator and the players at the end of the round, if no one dies the more power you get etc… So it helps players level up their perks as a team.
Plz fix it!
I have been playing gears since 2006, I will like to keep playing, this is almost as bad as Judgement.
Like everyone here we love gears and we payed for it and want our money’s worth.
Thank you for your time.


I thought an idea of contribution points would be better then they would be encouraged to deposit.

Should stop other players other than engineers building fortifications… (I am bias as I either play offensively or as an engineer) On top of that… the barriers take 500000 years to repair…

I am trying to be supportive but yeah they do take a long time, also I played as an engineer a couple of times, it was horrible no1 wants to put money and thr few that did I know it was because they wanted lockers, just to have thr ones that didn’t give me power put their guns and take our heavy weapons out or use them and not bring them back, IT ISN’T FAIR FOR THOSE OF US NOT LEVELING UP OUR PERKS TO HELP BUILD. Oh the best part was when we were saving around wave 30 u know in case we had to rebuild again, to have one of this selfish jerks that don’t put anything in waste our power building stuff wtf, I got so angry. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS


Horde on gears 5 is good, I don’t know what people moan about, I can play it fine, all you need is good team mates, people who I’ve played with donate energy, it’s better than like on gears 4 where the scout collects the energy and decides they want to run around a few waves with the energy not depositing, at least on gears 5 anyone can collect the energy and it gets split so everyone gets some, so when the scout decides not to deposit the engineer can stil do what they can with what they have collected


I think this is the real purpose of horde mode; for players to realize that they have greater chances of success by not being selfish and spend like 15k of energy in order to get 10% more of shotgun damage…

Noob players will spend all the energy on theirselves but they will always be on the looser team,

Players have to realize that the only way of having success is by sharing the energy and build an strong base.

Thats why I use the custom lobby browser. Players there are usually more dedicated to completing 50 waves and know the best way to survive is giving the power to the fabricator.

Plus if someone leaves another player can/will replace them.

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The game play overall sucks… it is no longer a team game. GOW have lost a lot of fans over the crap they call horde. If you are in the 10 percent that like it great, but 90 percent dont. They need to make changes or they will be losing more

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Having classes in Gears 4 was an okay decision but limited the meta to a lootbox farming session with every game.

In Gears 3, everyone had a baseline start but you can grow into whatever base you want, only problem was money hogging.

In 5 however…

  • You can’t even pick the character and class you want separately.
  • You have 8 different difficulties that ruin matchmaking
  • Your characters need to grind a ton to stand a chance beyond Advanced mode, or else you just have pea shooters for Lancers.
  • Ironman/Survivor is the first difficulty mutation beyond BEGINNER, seriously?
  • You cannot play far in solo if you want, as the power dropped is chump change.

There’s not much freedom in Horde Mode 4.0.
Also I can’t join any custom lobbies, and there’s no error code on the support site for it?


Sad to say as an original Gears and Horde player, it is absolutely awful. I mean godawful. I still go back and play Horde 1.0 in Gears 2, because it’s just fun and its own unique challenge with no special anything just picking up guns and trying your best. Gears 3 was amazing and a huge improvement overall. I guess the zenith really was Gears 4, because it was perfectly done. I’ve never had so much fun as a fully maxed scout who feels virtually invincible even on insane for the first 20-30 waves. My maxed sniper was the most fun I’ve had in video games. Explosive headshot, magic bullet, headshot damage, etc. Gosh it was incredible. You actually had to play as a team and have friends who would play each class well to maximize your efforts. We cleared insane and inconceivable so many times and we even did it with mostly pure skill. We’d go barriers and lockers only on inconceivable with 2-3 skilled snipers and didn’t need anything else because explosive headshots would take out most anything. Now, everyone plays for themselves and the cards blow. This Horde isn’t worth playing. I’m so disappointed as Gears is my favorite game series. But I think I’ll just pass on this one. Also 12 maps where 6 are repeats? Dude… we complained about this with Gears 4, you didn’t learn??


Go back to gears 3 best hord by far.

Yeah I’m actually surprised that TC didn’t put a Battle Royale mode in Gears 5 since they chased the hero shooter trend and the horrible live service trend.

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What bugs me is what they done to the difficulty system, it used to make so much sense now it is this weird mutator thing that should of been a bonus option in the first place.

Also how restrictive are the fabricator uogrades, I only have the option to buy a lot of stuff I do not want in some classes, please tell me the weapons are relic weapons at least since there are so plain
The upgrade system looks cool but makes me feel like I am trapped between helping my team and making my character cool, last match I did put a lot of points in fab and it payed off,

The class powers are cool but they fade so quickly while taking so long to recharge that it seems like cutting the power cool down in half while doubling Duration Would of not changed balence that much while actually make the power shine and be able to help with a tight spot or clutch play,

Class cards seem cool except for the confusing micro transaction frendly upgrade system that has no overlap between classes even for the same cards, which comes off as saying you already suck since you are a newbie so we will nerf your power levels through it does give a mild sense of progression to be fair.

The whole boss wrecking one base to be fair was always there in gears, darn brezekers, stop wrecking my barriers. It actually seemed like gow5 bosses have to work to wreck stuff at least,

I like fortifications so I am up for them getting a bluff.

Might be nice if they thrown in some new active posions, I have a few ideas, swarm which would double the amount of foes and respawn foes until half the horde is dead for a nice epic prolonged battle vs horde,
Boss rush which gives bosses every wave,
Vampire which makes foes attacks steal health letting them overheal,
Double wave which makes it throw the next wave of foes with this wave
Haste which speeds up the game by a quarter and speeds up foes by 20% to make foes 50% faster.

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I have not played previous games but I really like Gears 5 and horde mode, encourages team work, if you play your role, what your character is supposed to do it’s great, I just completed elite 50 waves everyone doing his part, sniper sniping, enginers buildng and repairing, soldiers shoting and bombarding, etc, it was very easy, everyone donated energy to fabricator,
I really like this mode, but I hear you I understand, I don’t like the restrictions, each character can craft specific weapons and fortifications,

Maybe the developers hear your feedback an do some changes to horde.


No, it absolutely does not promote teamwork. Selfish players way up the map perking with their power that they have no intention of giving to the fab for Engineer upgrades. They then quit when they don’t get revived because they aren’t as bullet proof as their perks suggest them to be. AI soldiers do exactly the same. Nobody cares about defence and random disconnects just make it worse. Gears 5 is the worst gears ever.


Gears 5 is a ■■■■ game worst of the gears total turd of a game tc sucks at making gears games such trash

I updated my feedback:

Seriously, we need more objectives in Horde, random objectives, after each 3 or 5 waves, transport an object and the carrier can’t sprint, others must protect him, hold a position, de/activate devices all over the map
eliminate specific targets within limited time, escort a robot or something

protect a teammate marked for death,
just kill enemies for 50 waves can get repetitive

I’ve been playing lot of horde lately and I’ve noticed, there are 2 scenarios:

1: everyone is running around the map, fighting alone, investing energy on themselves and getting killed

2: JD has like 3 weapon lockers only for him, for the grenade launcher lancer , killing everything, engineers building and repairing, barriers and sentries killing everything that JD doesn’t kill, other players/characters , might as well not be there.

I agree with a previous post, scoreboard time should be shorter, it stays up too long after each wave

More ammo, many engineers forget to build weapon lockers for non-JD characters.

Jack should be more fun to play, he is only melting weapons, repairing, reviving, he is support class, ok, but COG Gear is support too and is a tank, very powerful and fun
Jack should have a weapon or missiles or something fun

I really like Gears 5 and horde mode, really enjoy it, but with some small tweaks here and there can be better

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They finally added in a progression system so horde cards can be earned by completing challenges for gold. Its either buy horde cards or cosmetics though since they give you small rewards and you can no longer scrap unwanted duplicate perk cards. They need to bring back scrapping perk cards you dont want.