Why ruin horde. Gears 5 horde sucks

Gears 4 had the best horde. You bring us this horde in 5 and it just plain sucks. Instead of being a team game it is more of a free for all. Everyone running to grab energy to build up their own cards. No money for the fab to build up a defense. You could of just tweaked horde 4 by adding a boss every 5 waves or something like that, Being forced to thin out base all over the map to protect energy pods is ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with the way horde was on 4 so why ruin it. Also forcing people to use certain characters to for certain jobs is stupid. I was mainly an engineer on 4 and I hate the Character Del, He is a whiney little ■■■■■. My favorite character is Baird and cant even use him… also I would want to use him as a heavy, scout, sniper, and soldier. Now to get on the bull of making the graphic’s to cartoonish / arcadic. And now to get on the problems of not being able to play without getting booted. You guys had more than enough time to have the servers ready, instead of opening a tech test just for verses you, should of did verses and horde together. not everyone plays verses so this is on you… You should feel bad and reimburse everyone that paid the extra to buy the ultimate. when you are having all these problems and charging more to play early and can’t it is wrong


Agree 100% horde is not horde anymore


I play engineer on horde and the defences suck on higher difficulty…

I had a whole base with over 20k+ worth of energy spent on it all killed in under 10 seconds because some guy brought over a boss to the base that is immune to all damage that can be only damaged from the back…

So we lost everything and couldn’t afford to rebuild the base again so they all just quit…

Then on other horse games turrets do so little damage it’s not even any point to build them and they die super fast and their range is trash they sit there while being shot at even I’d the enemy is in its face

Walls/barricades are also bad they die so fast on higher difficulty that theres no real point to use them

Defences cost way to much do no damage and die super quick and cost way to much to repair…

Me and my friends just build weapon lockers and store heavy weapons and that’s it… got us upto wave 47 on elite difficulty using no defences at all… just salvaged heavy weapons…

They either need more defences to build or buff the original defences… why bother building defence if you can just spend the money and be selfish buying your own cards if the defences suck so bad it’s like throwing money down the drain…


I can’t agree more, I sunk a ridiculous amount of hours into gears 4 horde and loved it, only played a few hours of horde in gears 5 but i refuse to play anymore in its current state.


Agreed. Gears 4’s horde mode is a masterpiece compared to the shitshow in 5. I’d rather choose to play as my favorite character, play as any class, buy any weapon from the fabricator as any class, buy any fortification, and setup a base in a good spot than running around collecting energy from power taps. I know people complain about quitters in horde, but it’s not the player’s fault that they can’t play as their favorite character. They should blame TC and their stupid restrictions on duplicate characters and locking classes/roles to specific characters.


Agree i do not buy this game until they change this limitations, this is a step backwards in gow.
I will wait until this game drop under 5$ to test this because if i do not like horde in gow5 this game as absolutly no interest for me.

update: a friend buy me a cdkey i play horde 6 times, finish one. Close the game. Something is verrrry wrong.
i have made a topics here: Worst horde system EVER! Awful gameplay experience


Then you have everyone using energy to upgrade the skills and not putting it in the fabricator which I think is absolutely stupid. I myself to really hate gow 5 horde it’s the worst ever. For I myself is not a PVP person . NEEDS OVERHUALED!!


this game basically sucks. no wingman, no 2v2 gnashers, no execution unless private match… and horde. they literally only care about fortnite.



Sarah Conner is the only character that starts of with grenades in horde

Here are a few personal suggestions that would enhance the horde experience in my opinion. That feeling of Building a Scout with Speed Boost, Brawler, Execution Bonus, Health Boost, Deposit Bonus. A completely unique play style. Lets look at the idea of Horde as a whole. It’s a game of base building: RTS players love this aspect as it diversifies every game depending on what you build. I remember having beautiful bases. Everything placed nicely. You’re devoting several hours to it so why not. Just like in Command And Conquer.
Below are some fortifications I would like to see but probably never will:


(Slow enemy progression+Damage them)

  • LV1 - Spiked barriers
  • LV2 - Razor Wire
  • LV3 - Laser Wire

Deployable Cover

(Stacked cover to funnel or reroute enemies and provide cover for allies)

  • LV1 - Single stack concrete block
  • LV2 - Double stack concrete block
  • LV3 - Triple stack concrete block


(Good offense and fallback option)

  • LV1 - Single Barrel
  • LV2 - Double Barrel
  • LV3 - Double Barrel (With armored shield)

Shock Sentries

(Slows enemies, stuns and damages machines+shields)

  • LV1 - Single Blast
  • LV2 - Range Increase
  • LV3 - Range+Damage Increase

Manned Turrets

(Good fallback option and offers the engineer some offense)

  • LV1 - Single Barrel
  • LV2 - Double Barrel
  • LV3 - Double Lancer Barrel (With armored shield)

Weapons Lockers

(store weapons+Refill ammunition)

  • LV1 - One Weapon
  • LV2 - Two Weapons
  • LV3 - Three Weapons

Energy Converters

(Can be used for scouts to run excess weapons to base & dismantle for extra energy)

  • LV1 - Destroy unnecessary heavy weapons for energy
  • LV2 - Increase energy output
  • LV3 - Increase energy output+Cooldown

Radar Pilons

(Can be used to aid detection of enemies with tac-com)

  • LV1 - Detect enemies through walls with tac-com
  • LV2 - Range increase
  • LV3 - Range Increase+Show Health

Shield Generators

(Can be used to defend valuable fortifications like weapons lockers)

  • LV1 - Deploys a blue shield bubble (Cannot fire out of it)
  • LV2 - Increase damage it takes before recharging
  • LV3 - Increase damage taken before recharging


(Adds pilotable mech that can punch through even the toughest boss & offers fallback option)

  • LV1 - Basic Silverback loadout
  • LV2 - Adds Missles
  • LV3 - Adds steel plating for protection+Upgrade to Vulcan Minigun


(Build additional Fabricator for secondary bases )

  • LV1 - Allows the construction of an additional fabricator


  1. Allow for Boomshields to be used as additional cover since their already existing textured items
  2. Add in 1-50 Bounties
  3. Allow players to assign a class to any character
  4. Remove locked skills and Allow players to choose 5 skill cards from a pool of all available skills in Horde to allow for more custom play-styles
  5. Remove in game perk system (That only damages team play, energy collected and turns everyone into a lone wolf)
  6. Add in periodic challenges such as “Complete a wave in 1:30.” Or “Get 10 Headshots” Granting weapon crates at your base which contain a selection of random weapons
  7. Increase the size of Horde Maps. The current size is too cramped for proper base building and movement management
  8. Allow for custom/saved loadouts based on characters chosen. Simple weapons such as Snub/Boltock. Lancer/LancerGL. Gnasher/Overkill etc

I would also like to see the class system brought back. I know it’s a touchy subject and I am perfectly okay with the Gears 3 style horde aswell. But Engineers should have access to every fortification and upgrade path. I like how all energy collected now goes to the fabricator. That was a good decision TC. I like the addition of a healer/support class. It helps on those Inconceivable waves. I would like to see more emphasis on class usage such as Heavies using heavy weapons. Give them more incentive to do so. And please bring back Explosive Headshot. That was so satisfying.


Do devs even read this?

I don’t know why developers think: “we know best”

  1. They clearly don’t
  2. They ruin perfectly good game modes and games (Gears 5 is almost as bad as judgement, almost)
  3. Horde was good where it was in gears 3, they made it awesome in gears 4 - all they had to do was improve it… they ruined it.

Gears of war 4 horde would have been made absolutely perfect if they took some skills away from classes and made them automatically passive instead. So a soldiers perfect reload as a passive instead of taking up a card slot - that example would be op but you get what I am saying.


Now gow5 horde is full of people who don’t know how to play horde. I always get some absolute spanner running about at wave 25 with 40k energy and no concept of team work. And I have plenty of choice words for those idiots. Learn to play in a much more vulgar tone.

And now we have in game perks you have to pay for with valuable energy??? Why did they do this!?!
The vast majority of these imbeciles don’t even know how to take cover let alone play for the team.
Should have had it where they deposit energy they’re given contribution points (make this damn obvious too cause most people I come across have no bloody idea where the fabricator is) at a 1:1 ratio to improve themselves (make the damn perks worth it… a 1% jump from lv 9 to 10 costing 5k isn’t worth it)

Poorly executed and complete disappointment…They have regressed.


I really couldn’t disagree with you more. First off - if you want play Gears 4…play Gears 4! There is so much in Gears 5 which makes it fresher and more interesting IMO and a lot of small elements which you only learn as you play which are all designed to encourage more tactical team-play, more aggressive play and generally more options about how you approach a map. There’s so much more variety you can play with as a team for each map than before. We’re having fun attempting with and without worrying about taps, with different team mixes, with and without forge etc etc. I like the Heroes element as this gives each character MUCH more definition and that they are an actual character rather than a skin. Everyone here should quit griping - explore the new way of playing more - or just go and play Gears 4…


This gears 5 version sucks on horde. You can have your opinion but the vast majority of people hate it. You might be the only one I have seen that has liked it


I loved horde. I spent so many hours on gears 4 and enjoyed it. Gears 5 horde stinks. I can’t be who I want to be. No turrets? Wow!!!
The taps are useless unless the engineer is desperate for cash (and he usually is)
Nobody puts money in fabricator so everybody is just running around like clowns.
There is no scout except Kait?
I understand the cloaking ability is to help scout but nobody does it.
I’ve seen players with 100k plus and not deposit in fabricator while everybody else dies.
And you can’t get the money when they die??
They (coalition) need to change this crap or they’re going to loose a huge following.
I really feel robbed out of a game I loved so much.


I agree. They need to give us our game back.
Make classes again.
Why do I have to be del if I want to be engineer?
I hate del.
I killed his ■■■ in the campaign like most other players did.
They really screwed horde up to the point that I want to just go back to gears 4.
Shame on the coalition.


Put me down as a “hate it” vote.


At this point I’d take a return to a gears 3 style horde over this. At least we could play whatever character we wanted with whatever weapons we wanted.

Why TC seems to be following trends with this new “hero” system instead of doing its own thing is beyond me.


I agree. Horde has lost its way. I wrote a post about it too. Its a sad state of affairs for the Horde I love so much.


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