Why remove details from the "ban" popups?

Why do these popups no longer tell you WHICH person is banned and for how long?

We had a lobby dissolve and people got kicked, we had to do trial and error to see who was banned. And even the banned people weren’t told how long the ban was for… ?

Any ideas why this was done? @TC_Octus ?

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I think this was unintentional since there’s no reason to not show who’s suspended and for how long. @the-coalition @TC_Octus

Please fix the suspension pop-ups.

I would love to think so, HOWEVER, the text of the popup was changed (“You or one of …”), leading me to think this was intentional… I cant imagine why they refuse to tell the squad leader who is suspended or tell the player suspended how long the suspension is for…

It’s just an unnecessary change that should be reverted. Just needs a little more attention and they will change it back hopefully.