Why RE-UP “doesn’t matter”

I approve of this.

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I noticed the same thing as @RelaxingKoty - why are the max rep, 60 - 100 players so bad?! I am talking legendary bad for the most part. We had one guy who made me so angry, the match made lobby, he’s Gunner, he sat there inside the room in River (many weeks ago) and refused to do ANY killing. If you were down right next to him, he would revive you usually. He literally had 0 damage almost every wave. I think on wave 8 or something he saw things were headed south and he did a tiny amount of damage. So we ended up carrying him through 12 waves of Frenzy, with no choice because you can’t boot on a public match made game.

I just don’t understand though, how is that fun?! Why would you want to join a game and just not play…?

I’ve learned not to expect re-up level to translate much to actual skill. The other thing is you have to be careful about what class level really means. Yes, it means certain cards are locked or unlocked, etc. A level 20 clearly has every card unlocked. But that doesn’t necessarily mean much. Take my experience, I boosted Nomad to 20 during an XP weekend. I had ALL level 1 and 2 cards, I was literally running something like 1-2-2-1-2 for my cards at first. But you see oh cool 20 Nomad, he should be alright. No, my class was trash. It took a LONG time and a lot of play after that to have basically all level 6 cards (both yellows are maxed now, I play him a lot lol).

That’s why when I see level 18 or 19 on a Master run, I’m sometimes concerned, because I know for my classes their card levels were pretty garbage even when I hit level 20 for the most part, it took time after that to get them up there. The opposite CAN be true though, too. My best friend has a level 18 Infiltrator. He knew he liked playing the class and it was a powerful class, so he’s running all level 6 cards. He just bought them up, so his cards are probably better than a lot of newer level 20 infiltrators.

I haven’t figured out any reliable way to know if a player is going to be solid until I actually play with them. Even then, I’ve had a great run with a player where they seemed really good, but then switched classes another game and were absolute morons.

Paper levels

Why are we still talking about re-ups and their insignificance?

People who care about re-ups and not skills are not on this forum. At this point every forumer knows that high re-ups mean nothing.