Why RE-UP “doesn’t matter”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Re-Up is no reflection of skill level or how maxed out characters are.

With Jack farming being a thing, a player might be Re-Up 40+ but have bad cards for characters.

But anecdotally I’ve witnessed this many times.

It was probably Op 2-4, really early, when I ran into a party of 4 very high re-up players the first time I did. I did a double take because I didn’t realize at the time Re-Up even went that high, I was 12-15 and they were all 40+.

It was somewhat intimidating at first, but then I realized they were all pretty bad, I constantly was picking them all up.

Well, fast forward to now, I’m Re-up 60 but consistently run into “bad” 40+ players, even now.

Stop making “re-up 50+ or kick” lobbies. It’s embarrassing lol.

In my personal experience, the higher level a random is usually equates to their lack of awareness/skill. Every reup 60 level 100 player ive ran into has been not good at the game. I wonder to myself : “how have they gotten to this level?” But we all know how.


Paper levels as I like to call them


Had a run in with one of these people today on the triple damage icebound daily. They were a Tactician that killed themselves multiple time DURING a wave up until wave 7. Theres one thing I hate more than sluggers throwing shock grenades at me and its randoms killing themselves for ammo during a wave while people are fighting.


Suiciding during the wave is just ridiculous. Asking for trouble.


I don’t use other player’s lockers, and I never suicide to get more weapons, and yet I’m always okay with ammo. How is this possible?!?


I wouldnt revive them, unfortunately the other members might

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And it’s even worse when they seem to do it as far away from the fabricator as possible.

I bet I fit the bill tho(reup and class matching my pve skill I mean), cause I rarely play PVE lol I do have a maxed out Infiltrator, but that’s about it, which I only did it for the Venom Gnasher, started grinding for the Lancer too, then they introduced the Ascendant skins in the reups, and better yet the Crystal in the shop that I bought… not played PVE since lol

Note I did grind the right way tho, didn’t use any of the exploits other than trying out the one trick on uhh well whatever escape map they tell you to easily run to the safe room and keep dying there on master, did that one session when grinding the lancer class but that’s about it, got my gnasher the right way and I continued to use that maxed class when they did the Boss Rush event, that was fun wiping out Snatchers and Carriers in 2/3 shots XD.

But ya, I probably wouldn’t be much help to a squad in PVE cause I never play it… but on the contrary, if you have me on your team in Guardian, I promise I’ll kill that leader for ya at some point in that game, if not multiple times :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So this has always been a thing where people say Re-up doesn’t matter due to all the methods of boosting or fast leveling that require not much learning in the process.

Those statements are all very true and I agree there are a lot of boosted Re-up 50/60s out there. But there are also alot of people who played without using such methods so I think the term “RE-UP Doesn’t matter” should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you see a Re-up 50/60 you should always assume “this person is either really experienced or clueless” and not just “oh that person definitely boosted.”


It’s not, but what is? The only way of telling whether a player is any good or not is to play with them and that’s not particularly helpful before the game actually starts.

What reup level is, is a reasonable indicator of a player’s experience of having played PVE. Yes you can fudge some of that XP, but it’s unlikely all of it has beem fudged so a fair amount of PVE must have been played to reach a reasonably high reup. Accepted that experience alone is no indicator of skill level, but with experience comes learning and it’s not unreasonable to expect a player of high experience to have reached a reasonable skill level.

I always look at reup level as in my experience some of the very worst players in the game are those of low reup level because of the converse reasons of the above—they don’t have much experience. That’s not to say that all low reups are bad players, they’re not, but in the same way, not all high reups are good either.

As a general indicator, reup level is as good a measure of a players ability as anything else. I’d take a high reup over a low reup everytime if I had never seen them play.

The sad fact is, there are a fair proportion of very poor players playing the game of all reup levels. The very good players are very much in the minority.

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You always play classes that have the ammo regen perk per chance?

I think we also need to recognise that player skill operates on a spectrum and there is a big variation in what this means.

One little tidbit I’ll add is that there are poor players who need to be carried but are relatively passive; and also poor players who are active and end up doing more harm than good to the point it interferes with other team mates.

For example if a poorer player plays within their limited ability, leaves fortification placement to the engineer and doesn’t go about taking locker space, then this is acceptable.

But there are also poorer players who don’t work as a team or are selfish are they start doing things like hogging lockers, moving fortifications and in Escape especially, taking weapons and ammo which a team mate could make better use of; or running far ahead and alerting enemies. Basically they try to contribute but end up doing more harm than good.


No. I don’t.

Yes, agree.

This all comes under the general heading of ‘What constitutes a bad player’? Because it’s not all about what skill level they have—it’s as much about what goes on between their ears.

Personally I have no problem whatsoever with a low reup, low class level player partially looking to be carried, as long as they play the game correctly. In other words, they don’t do stupid things and do all the things they should be doing—like picking DBNO’s, collecting power, emptying taps, not killing the last one and depositing. It’s incredible the number of players who can’t even do those basic things.

Hi jewel:)

I don’t think the people frequenting these forums are the ones making those lobbies.

We all hate those lobbies here.


Like the Demo who got rid of my spare mace for his seventh Boomshot.

I outdamaged him as Striker, too. :smirk:

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But did you do it honorably? Without a scorcher???

I have never once used the Striker’s damage exploits. :innocent:

I just love sniping and also whacking things with a giant stick.

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